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Gibt es im Englischen etwas Vergleichbares zum Ritter Werbe spruch?

Ich habe im Deutschen den Text "Quadratisch, praktisch, aber keine Schokolade" und würde gerne etwas mit ähnlicher Aussage auf Englisch schreiben.
Verfasserritter28 Aug 10, 22:53
... k.u.k.: 'square, straight and fit' ? . . .
#1VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 28 Aug 10, 23:00
Delicious chocolate squares - That's what Ritter calls it.


Daddy's suggestion would also fit the description of an athletic heterosexual male quite nicely. ;-)
#2VerfasserThe Kman (702240) 28 Aug 10, 23:03
... you mean 'a hunk of a man' ? . . . ;-)
#3VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 28 Aug 10, 23:05
I think you did it: "Ritter Sport - The Hunk Among Chocolates!"
#4VerfasserThe Kman (702240) 28 Aug 10, 23:13
Übersetzungquadratisch praktisch gut
Thx a lot.

But i rather would need a similar English slogan.
It can be anything, doesn't have to be connected to Ritter.

Maybe, you know some slogan which is as popular as Quadratisch praktisch gut?
#5Verfasserklacon (635155) 28 Aug 10, 23:17
... we sure do: "It beats as it sweeps as it cleans!" . . .

Hoover Klopfsauger . . .
#6VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 28 Aug 10, 23:21
The literal translation would be something along the lines of "square, convenient, good." I think it says something else on the Ritter chocalate bars here in the U.S., though, but I cannot remember what exactly.

In any case, what the OP has in mind would not work in English anyway. Whereas in Germany the brand association of this slogan is almost 100%, here in the U.S. at least, it is not recognized as being a set marketing phrase in general and as being associated with chocolate in particular. So, if one said, for example "square, convenient, but not chocolate," it might be considered a bit quirky, perhaps, but it would not be recognized as being derived from the marketing slogan of Ritter chocolate bars.
#7VerfasserDBB28 Aug 10, 23:24
ÜbersetzungQuadratisch praktisch gut
@daddy. As usual, one can always rely o you. Thanks a lot.

If i want to user it for a completely different product and i would say: " It beats but it doesn't seep and doesn't clean"
Would you understand this as kind of a funny ad?
Or doesn't that make sense?
#8Verfasserklacon (635155) 28 Aug 10, 23:25
... sorry, "It beats but it doesn't sweep and doesn't clean" would not be seen as a pun,
if only for the fact that the original has ceased to be used . . .
#9VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 28 Aug 10, 23:28
ÜbersetzungQuadratisch praktisch gut
Sony used to have a slogan in Germany: It's not a trick. It's a Sony. Is it known in UK as well?
In this case, could i use: "It's not a trick, it's a Wasserspritzpistole"
#10Verfasserklacon (635155) 28 Aug 10, 23:33
ÜbersetzungQuadratisch praktisch gut
Sony used to have a slogan in Germany: It's not a trick. It's a Sony. Is it known in UK as well?
In this case, could i use: "It's not a trick, it's a Wasserspritzpistole"
#11Verfasserklacon (635155) 28 Aug 10, 23:33
O.K. This is obviously not about a translation but about ideas for a commercial. You'd need to know the product and then scan the horizon to learn what's already out there and under copyright.
#12VerfasserThe Kman (702240) 28 Aug 10, 23:34
...if your 'Legal Department' give you the 'Go-ahead', yes! . . . ;-))
#13VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 28 Aug 10, 23:35
Depending on how well-known the Ritter slogan is in the US, Kman's link in #2 would work well IMO:

It's delicious, it's square, but it's not chocolate.

#14VerfasserGibson (418762) 28 Aug 10, 23:35
Wenn Du in Deutschland "Quadratisch, praktisch, aber keine Schokolade" benützt, gibt's mit Sicherheit Aerger mit dem Legal Department (von Ritter). Um was handelt es sich denn?
#15VerfasserThe Kman (702240) 28 Aug 10, 23:43
ÜbersetzungQuadratisch praktisch gut
And what would you think about: It's square, it's practical but it is no chocolate"?
#16Verfasserklacon (635155) 28 Aug 10, 23:44
klacon, das meinst du jetzt nicht ernst, oder?
#17VerfasserGibson (418762) 28 Aug 10, 23:47
ÜbersetzungQuadratisch praktisch gut
@Gibson. Ähm. doch. Ich hatte es schon ernst gemeint.
Ist es soo schlimm?

And it's not about a commercial. It's just the header of a product in an on-line shop.

It's a technical product, which hasn't anything to do with chocolate, but its shape is square and i like this German version.
And i'd like to have something similar in English.

It's delicious, it's square würde keinen Sinn machen, weil es ja nichts zum Essen ist.
#18Verfasserklacon (635155) 28 Aug 10, 23:57
... here is something that is square, is practical but it is no chocolate:

"Ich habe Dich so lieb, ich würde Dir ohne Bedenken eine Kachel aus meinem Ofen schenken"

Ringelnatz . . .
#19VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 29 Aug 10, 00:02
SCNR: It's doesn't melt in your hand but don't put it in your mouth.

Other weird ideas:
-- Please don't squeeze the XXX.

-- Peter Paul's got nuts, this doesn't.
Almond Joy

Here's are some famous jingles:

Maybe you can doctor one to fit your context. I have to admit to being a little confused as to what you're looking form, klacon.
(I saw that smirk Gibson & Daddy ...^^)
#20Verfasseropine (680211) 29 Aug 10, 00:03
square, smart and easy to use
#21VerfasserThe Kman (702240) 29 Aug 10, 00:14
ÜbersetzungQuadratisch praktisch gut
Thank you all. I think i can create something with your proposals.
#22Verfasserklacon (635155) 29 Aug 10, 00:38
ÜbersetzungQuality. Chocolate. Squared.
Ich weiss, dass es hier nicht wirklich um die Übersetzung des Spruchs von Ritter ging, aber ich dachte ich schreib es einfach mal der Vollständigkeitshalber hier dazu :)
(das ist der Spruch der hinten auf den englischen Packungen hinten drauf steht - ich hab hier gerade eine liegen...)
#23VerfasserBlubb03 Nov 10, 14:21
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