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cumshaw - Zuwendung

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As a BE native, I've never heard of 'cumshaw' (given by Leo as a translation of 'Zuwendung') and neither have the 2 online dictionaries I've just checked in. I think someone may be pulling your leg, Leo.

If by any remote chance the word 'cumshaw' exists (it sounds vaguely obscene to me), I doubt it corresponds to 'Zuwendung', and if it does, users should be made aware that the word is abstruse (weit hergeholt).

Verfassermaninboat (561070) 17 Mai 17, 21:16
Kontext/ Beispiele
Definition of cumshaw
:  present,  gratuity; also  :  bribe,  payoff

cumshaw (ˈkʌmʃɔː  )
(used, esp formerly, by beggars in Chinese ports) a present or tip
Bitte sehr.
#1Verfasserpenguin (236245) 17 Mai 17, 21:23
I've found this (which would be the other meaning of 'Zuwendung', namely 'finanzielle Zuwendung):

Definition of 'cumshaw'
English: cumshaw
American: cumshaw

cumshaw (ˈkʌmʃɔː)

(used, esp formerly, by beggars in Chinese ports) a present or tip
Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers
Word origin of 'cumshaw'
C19: from pidgin English, from Chinese (Amoy) kam siā, from Mandarin kan hsieh grateful thanks

a tip or gratuity
Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.
Word origin of 'cumshaw'
< dial. form of Chin kan hsieh, grateful thanks

But I agree that 'cumshaw' definitely needs some tag like rare or jargon or something (or indeed, abstruse ;-).

Edit: erinnert mich an 'Bakschisch', das ja auch eine eigene Sprachebene hat.
#2VerfasserGibson (418762) 17 Mai 17, 21:25
No doubt 'cumshaw' can be found in dictionaries, and that's how it got into Leo. My point is that I doubt very much if many native speakers would recognise the word, even as a translation of 'gratuity'. It should therefore be a lot lower down the list and marked with a warning.

I often come across similar unheard-of English words in Leo, in the first few suggestions, which would produce a "you what??" reaction from native E speakers. Eg today: D: 'immens' /E: 'immane'
#3Verfassermaninboat (561070) 18 Mai 17, 16:53
Dictionaries do help you broaden your vocabulary.
#4Verfasserpenguin (236245) 20 Mai 17, 11:17
#5Verfassermaninboat (561070) 22 Mai 17, 22:51
re #5 : welche Nummer zwei dort meist Du ? Kannst Du bitte den Auszug hierher kopieren ?
#6Verfasserno me bré (700807) 22 Mai 17, 22:54
Ich stelle mir gerade einen Bettler im Hamburger Hafen vor, wie er schreit "Zuwendung, Zuwendung!".
#7VerfasserRodos (930149) 22 Mai 17, 23:21
collins online dictionary, entry for 'currency' (sorry, thought the whole link was there)

2. uncountable noun
If a customidea, or word has currency, it is used and accepted by a lot of people at a particular time.
His theory of the social contract had wide currency in America.
'Loop' is one of those computer words that has gained currency in society.

#8Verfassermaninboat (561070) 23 Mai 17, 13:33
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