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sweeping judgement - Pauschalverurteilung

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sweeping condemnation



I don't have time to draw up sources, but I did just want to tag, having come across it today, what for me is clearly incorrect.*

Correct would be:

Pauschalurteil : "sweeping judgement"
Pauschalverurteliung : "sweeping condemnation"

* Possibly Pauschalverurteilung : "sweeping judgement" is met with in legal contexts of which I'm unaware, but the LEO dict entry at Pauschalverurteilung would still need to be extended.
VerfasserBion (1092007) 02 Aug 17, 12:13
Kontext/ Beispiele
'Sweeping judgement'
He concedes that his views put him at odds with the European Court of Human Rights, which regards Sharia as incompatible with democracy.
The British in AfricaSo it is difficult to make a sweeping judgement about British rule in Africa.
is it a problem of equivalence? Sweeping judgement is pretty normal in BE
#1Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 02 Aug 17, 12:29
There's no problem with "sweeping judgement" per se at all, only insofar as it is given as a translation of Pauschalverurteilung.

What's at stake here is the distinction between "judgement" and "condemnation," Urteil and Verurteling.
#2VerfasserBion (1092007) 02 Aug 17, 12:55
Also wäre die Paarung sweeping judgement -- das Pauschalurteil, oder?
#3VerfasserDoris (LEO-Team) (33) 02 Aug 17, 13:00
ja Doris.

@ Bion. Hast du ein paar Belege für Verurteilung - condemnation? Im rechtlichen Sinne stimmt das Paar nicht. Da müsste dann bei einem Eintrag ein Hinweis dazu. Auch habe ich von "sweeping condemnation" noch nie gehört.
#4Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 02 Aug 17, 14:17
@Doris #3

Yes, I would say so, as a rule, as I suggested in my OP.
Muret-Sanders lists only Pauschalurteil and translates it as "sweeping judgement."
The additional element of the adverse, of disapproval, censure, blame, in both „condemnation“ and „Verurteilung” is not generally understood in “judgement,” in my experience. And even if it is, or may be, on occasion, it is certainly not explicit in the way that it is in those two nouns.
(I stumbled on the entry and this issue from the G., not the English, side when I looked up Pauschalverurteilung in LEO dict and found there only “sweeping judgement” – which, as I say, omits the explicitness of its being an adverse judgement.)

@jamqueen #4 Auch habe ich von "sweeping condemnation" noch nie gehört

There's a very large number of standard examples online.

Hast du ein paar Belege für Verurteilung - condemnation?

Not in law, no, that's not my field (see asterisked note in OP), but in any other context, including LEO dict, Verurteilung is one regular translation of "condemnation" (and vice versa). I'm suprised you ask the question, but I take it you're thinking chiefly of law.
#5VerfasserBion (1092007) 02 Aug 17, 14:20

sweeping condemnation (Am.)


Kontext/ Beispiele
well, that might be Google. I had a look in yahoo.co.uk and a) very few results and b) American, Canadian and non-British sources/authors. (Indian, German etc.).

NB I usually ignore dictionary entries and focus on native sources.
#6Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 02 Aug 17, 14:36
Kontext/ Beispiele
das Verurteilen; das Verurteiltwerden das Verurteiltsein
Synonyme zu Verurteilung
in BE condemnation - Verurteilung is not a 1:1 pair, hence my idea for some sort of tag.

#7Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 02 Aug 17, 14:43

10.10.2016 - ... caught on tape in 2005 and made public on Friday, brought sweeping condemnation from within his own party and calls for him to step aside.
01.09.2015 - ... Abramson under the scare headline, “The Trucks Are Killing Us.” It was a sweeping condemnation of American truck drivers and the industry.
10.01.2014 - ... the Beat Generation (1950's), is a sweeping condemnation of twentieth-century mainstream American society, which Ginsberg personifies as ...
... New Statesman and Observer in the UK, and more recently for the Village Voice ... in this respect, or as a rather sweeping condemnation of cultural studies for what ...
Sunday, May 17, 1998 Published at 12:06 GMT 13:06 UK ... that stunned the rest of the world and led to sweeping condemnation and economic sanctions.
www.independent.co.uk › Sport › Cricket
26.06.2012 - Shane Warne yesterday derided England for allowing Kevin Pietersen to retire from one-day cricket. In a sweeping condemnation he said they ...
25.04.2016 - We use cookies to make this site better. ... This sweeping condemnation boiled down to a handful of ... This is an extraordinary allegation to level against the UK's largest political party and a pillar of mainstream British politics.
Subscribers receive the monthly magazine and access to all articles on our website. ... what 'qualifications' Nairn held to mete out such sweeping condemnation.
---the first three US, the next five UK, and believe me, there are plenty more.
#8VerfasserBion (1092007) 02 Aug 17, 14:45
thanks for taking the trouble to provide more sources.
#9Verfasserjamqueen (1129860) 02 Aug 17, 19:01
#8: ... believe me, there are plenty more.

"plenty" is an elastic concept. An evidence-based approach to this assertion would look like this:

sweeping condemnation: 176 hits in the .uk domain

"sweeping judgment": 143 hits in the .uk domain

sweeping judgement: 157 hits in the .uk domain
#10VerfasserRodos (930149) 07 Aug 17, 09:06
Thank you for picking me up on that. In the OP I was basically concerned to flag the quondam “sweeping judgement : Pauschalverurteilung” entry as erroneous (or at best incomplete). exiting on tiptoe and closing the door quietly ...
#11VerfasserBion (1092007) 07 Aug 17, 14:04
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