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Blackberry app

Fig. 1 


The application ('app') is available free of charge and can be downloaded to your BlackBerry

  • by clicking the following link. If you are running an installation server, download the requiredthis ZIP archive (with '.alx'- und '.cod' file).
  • from BlackBerry World  (this requires a BlackBerry ID); if you have a bar-code reader installed, an even easier way of installing the app is by scanning the barcode on BlackBerry World.
The app works for Version 5 and 6 of the BlackBerry operating system.

Please note: The screenshots may differ from what you see on your display depending on the model of your BlackBerry.

 Features and functionality

  • Accessing the LEO dictionaries via the BlackBerry application draws on the same content as a search on dict.leo.org. For details please read the user guide. Dort finden sie auch die Links zu weiterführenden Informationen (Verbtabellen, Aussprache etc.).
  • The forum feature allows users to access and participate in the forums. Please note that if you want to start threads or post follow-ups to existing discussions, or check the status of threads which you bookmarked on the Web version, you need to be logged in.

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