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    LEO - Der Einsteigerkurs Englisch
  • 1. Im Flugzeug
  • 2. Im Terminal
  • 3. Eine Busfahrt
  • 4. Erstes Kennenlernen
  • 5. Im falschen Zimmer
  • 6. Beim Frühstück
  • Test 1
  • 7. Ausgesperrt
  • 8. Fit bleiben
  • 9. Auf dem Markt
  • 10. Ausflugspläne
  • 11. Ein Tagesausflug
  • 12. Beim Schloss zu Warwick
  • Test 2
  • 13. In der Teestube
  • 14. Im Souvenirladen
  • 15. Eine E-Mail an die Familie
  • 16. Eine Modenschau
  • 17. Geldangelegenheiten
  • 18. Eine Krise
  • Test 3
  • 19. Ein Picknick
  • 20. Die Umwelt
  • 21. Ärger mit dem Auto
  • 22. Neue Handys
  • 23. Mutige Studenten
  • 24. Ausgebucht
  • 25. Ein Tag in London
  • Test 4
  • 26. Ein bisschen Kultur
  • 27. Eine interessante Begegnung
  • 28. Ein Abend zu Hause
  • 29. Besuch aus Deutschland
  • 30. Abschied nehmen
  • Test 5

LEO - Der Einsteigerkurs

Unser Kurs für Neu- und Wiedereinsteiger. Für 9,95 EUR bietet Ihnen der Kurs über 500 Lernbausteine, abhängig vom Lerntempo monatelanges Lernvergnügen und steht Ihnen nach dem Kauf ein Jahr lang zur Verfügung.

Für einen kostenlosen Test stehen Ihnen die ersten drei Lektionen zur Verfügung. Klicken Sie einfach die gewünschte Lektion links an. If you have already purchased the course, please login.

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  1. For a free trial, press the green button.

    Test the course.  

    Two or three lessons are available for you to test free of charge, and you can have previews of the other lessons.

  2. To start the course, click on the red button.


    Alternatively, select a lesson from the list.

  3. Click Play to listen to the dialogue.
    Audio abspielen
    Play the audio
  4. Click on a speaker to hear the individual passages. Click on a speech bubble to see the translation.
    Einzelne Passage anhören
    Listen to individual passages

    You can jump to the exercises by clicking 'Next' at the top right of the page.

  5.  This icon takes you directly to a list of vocabulary for the lesson and provides quick access to the dictionary.

  6. Mouse-Over Übersetzung
    Translation of new words by mouse touch

    To have a translation of individual terms, move the hand over the word(s) written in blue.

  7. By using the buttons at the top right of the page, you can select the aspect of the unit that you want to concentrate on:

    1. lessonComplete lesson
    2. grammarGrammar
    3. tippsLanguage tips
    4. countryCulture and customs
    5. exerciseExercises

  8. Click on one of these buttons to learn the vocabulary.

    The vocabulary items are sorted into different sections of the card system depending on your learning progress.

    1. Section 1: "Not yet practised" or "Not known at last check"
    2. ...
    3. Section 5: "The vocabulary item should be firmly anchored in your memory"

  9. Learning progress

    0 Prozent
    Initial progress 
    . . .
    40 Prozent
    40% achieved! 
    . . .
    100 Prozent
    100% achieved! 

    With every exercise that is completed successfully your learning progress advances. As you improve by twenty percent, more success is added to your side of the scales.

  10.  The ‘connect with other users’ icon provides access to the forum where you can discuss things with your fellow learners. Once you have registered, you have full access to the forum.

  11. Proposed solutions are generally written in lower case – even those that come at the beginning of a sentence – otherwise it would make the exercise too easy!

You will now see a number of pictures and will hear the corresponding names or descriptions.

Listen and click the correct picture.
Drag the word that is read to you onto the corresponding picture.
Enter the translation that is read to you into the gap, then click on the solution button.
Click on the corresponding picture as soon as you hear the name.
The flash cards will change automatically.
Click on SOLUTION to have the translation displayed. Click on "Next" to move on to the next card.
TIP: you can also use the ENTER key.
Memorize the location of the matching translations. Click to turn over the tiles and find the matching pairs.
Click on the vocabulary card to reveal the translation – select the ‘thumbs-up’ sign   if you were right, if not    
Type in the translation required, then click SOLUTION.
Correct answer
Correct alternative answer.
  • Pinyin
  • Keyboard
  • Special characters
LEO: Additional information
LEO: Conjugation/declension table

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