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Airy, airy, chair, chary, dairy, fairy, hair, hardy, Harpy, harpy, harry, hoary

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hirsute, pilose

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Hairy eyeballLetzter Beitrag: ­ 16 Mär. 09, 16:52
Hi LEOs, it's probably my partial upbringing in the Deep South (GA, to be exact), but when …8 Antworten
hairy-chestedLetzter Beitrag: ­ 04 Mai 08, 10:07
http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/Secret-new-cars/Search-Results/Spyshots/Nissan-370Z-scooped/ w…9 Antworten
Hairy monster.Letzter Beitrag: ­ 18 Mai 15, 11:50
Everyone knows the US financial system is a hairy monster. Hairy Monster ????? (Das kam h…5 Antworten
hairy palmsLetzter Beitrag: ­ 07 Nov. 10, 19:45
A German acquaintance and I were watching the film Jackass 3 (neither of our choice) this we…59 Antworten
hairy mary grubLetzter Beitrag: ­ 14 Mai 06, 12:39
Women are also mythologically linked to the sun, which is linked to sunburn, which is linked…1 Antworten
hairy-nosed wombatLetzter Beitrag: ­ 01 Jul. 08, 10:55
Hairy-nosed wombats ((Lasiorhinus latifrons) are endangered in Australia.6 Antworten
hairy hoof wartLetzter Beitrag: ­ 07 Dez. 07, 11:47
Such pathogens can cause a variety of diseases and disorders, including athlete's foot and h…3 Antworten
to look hairyLetzter Beitrag: ­ 06 Okt. 08, 20:46
According to the theory, there can be no sustained recovery until the markets are in the clu…2 Antworten
Have hairy pits.Letzter Beitrag: ­ 10 Mai 10, 19:54
All French women 1: Smell. 2: Have hairy pits. 3: Couldn't care less about your teen faggot…5 Antworten
hairy bittercress, also: hairy bitter-cress - Behaartes Schaumkraut, wiss: Cardamine hirsutaLetzter Beitrag: ­ 15 Dez. 12, 23:48
current LEO-entry: http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=en&searchLoc=0&cmpType=r0 Antworten

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