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PaddyLetzter Beitrag: 16 Sep. 05, 09:51
Do you think it's offensive to call Irish people Paddies?12 Antworten
paddyLetzter Beitrag: 16 Okt. 08, 05:52
Matt Damon: "Jimmy's response I thought was paddy"…1 Antworten
Paddy PaperLetzter Beitrag: 29 Sep. 08, 13:56 have a PADDY PAPER waiting for you to show you the most unbelievable buildings...10 Antworten
Paddy grassLetzter Beitrag: 05 Jan. 08, 19:27
...he dragged kids out of the PADDY GRASS, under heavy fire... (im Vietnamkrieg) THANKS!1 Antworten
kelp paddyLetzter Beitrag: 21 Aug. 12, 18:56
This is different from a kelp forest as they are break-away parts of a kelp forest. This is…10 Antworten
St Paddy's DayLetzter Beitrag: 17 Mär. 13, 21:25
An' ter all a youz tis as Oim a-wishin' yez a foin St Paddy's Day an' hopin' as yez don't t'…8 Antworten
rice or paddy?Letzter Beitrag: 16 Okt. 17, 13:39
which of the two terms do i use when speaking of the crop that is grown on the fields, as in…6 Antworten
throw a paddyLetzter Beitrag: 03 Mär. 09, 16:12
Words like 'paddywaggon' and phrases like 'throw a paddy' or 'take the mickey' all attest to…8 Antworten
Paddy Husking - ReisschälenLetzter Beitrag: 28 Aug. 11, 18:36
"One of the occupation categories - 'paddy husking' - displays certain interesting features. 1 Antworten
rice paddy bermsLetzter Beitrag: 16 Aug. 11, 19:01
Hallo zusammen, kann mir jemand sagen, was "rice paddy berms" sind, bzw. wie man es s3 Antworten

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