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applicatory, virtual, virtually

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practically usefulLetzter Beitrag: ­ 09 Jun. 08, 16:49
causal knowledge is practially useful1 Antworten
practically usefulLetzter Beitrag: ­ 09 Jun. 08, 17:06
Causal knowledge is practically useful. Ist "practically useful" nicht eine Doppelung, oder…1 Antworten
More practically, ...Letzter Beitrag: ­ 12 Jan. 12, 18:02
The Navigation apparatus has the communication device. More practically, a wireless controll…12 Antworten
practically prehensile barnaclesLetzter Beitrag: ­ 18 Jan. 16, 17:50
He genuinely disliked the beach, enjoyed neither the sand nor the beating sun nor the occasi…12 Antworten
to speak practicallyLetzter Beitrag: ­ 03 Nov. 10, 15:33
Come in! Does anybody hear me? I hate to speak practically at a time like this, but somethin2 Antworten
practical oder practicallyLetzter Beitrag: ­ 16 Aug. 10, 21:46
Hallo, heißt es: Now i would like to use my knowledge practically oder practical?? Danke3 Antworten
dry milling / dry millLetzter Beitrag: ­ 27 Apr. 06, 19:00
After final sorting has been completed in the dry milling process, coffee is placed in jute …5 Antworten
dry psychology / dry psychologistLetzter Beitrag: ­ 29 Mär. 11, 02:32
„Because there are generally no tangible referents for the ‚processes‘ specified by dry psy2 Antworten
dry iceLetzter Beitrag: ­ 30 Apr. 07, 22:48
Frozen CO22 Antworten
dry leaseLetzter Beitrag: ­ 08 Jan. 07, 13:12
Dry Lease A net lease. This term traditionally is used in aircraft and marine leasing to des…3 Antworten

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