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Full driving license (UK)

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Ich erspähe da gerade in einem Beispiel-CV die Worte

"Full, clean driving licence".

Heisst "Full" Auto, womöglich inklusive Motorrad? Und "clean" heisst was?
AuthorChris15 Oct 05, 23:29
Ja keine Ahnung aber du wirst das schon richtig machen.
#1AuthorTomi und Dani der Nacht15 Oct 05, 23:37

Es heisst moeglicherweise, dass eine voruebergehende Bewaehrungsphase bei Fuehrerscheinneulingen bereits absolviert ist. Ist jedenfalls hier (Maine, USA) so
#2AuthorRex16 Oct 05, 00:38
Until a BE speaker shows up to answer ...

As Rex says, 'full' seems to be a regular adult license, as opposed to 'provisional' which is a learner's license:

A Provisional licence shows vehicles for which you have learner status only. A full licence shows vehicles which you may drive as the result of passing a driving test or tests.

'Clean' seems to mean that you have no points (that is, bad marks, aka 'endorsements') on your driving record, or very few. Here's a list of offenses that could prevent you from having a clean record:
#3Authorhm -- us16 Oct 05, 01:01
thanks for completing that. I failed to answer "clear"

#4AuthorRex16 Oct 05, 01:11
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