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Such a paradigm naturally supports the implementation of the above study results in practice.

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Kann man das so sagen/ macht das so Sinn? Es geht mir um das 'to implement results in pratice'
Vielen Dank fuer jede Hilfe! (Oder braucht Ihr mehr Kontext?!)
AuthorSeppert (381439) 18 Jan 11, 22:02
ohne den Kontext zu kennen: ja, kann man schon so sagen.
#1Authordude (253248) 18 Jan 11, 23:09
Dankeschoen! Ich war auch am ueberlegen, ob man sagt 'to implement into practice'... aber es muss heissen 'in' oder?
#2AuthorSeppert (381439) 18 Jan 11, 23:24
To me 'implementation in practice' is a little redundant. Do you really need 'in practice'?

And is it the study results you actually want to implement, or a treatment/research strategy based on them?
#3Authorhm -- us (236141) 18 Jan 11, 23:25
@3: Okay, maybe I don't really need 'in practice'.
The results suggest rather not to intervene because the treatment doesn't have any benefits. And the paradigm is something like 'rather not interfere with childbirth because it's too complex. Only intervene if you are 100% sure about the benefits of a treatment'
Does that make sense?
#5AuthorSeppert (381439) 19 Jan 11, 00:05
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