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    request (v/n)

    My students wrote the following sentences:

    "I request for celebrating my party at your restaurant."
    "I request to celebrate my party...."

    Nevermind that the constructions are a bit awkward :). Are the sentences correct?

    I know that you can "request sth." or make "a request for sth.", but can you simply "request for sth." or "request to do sth."?
    To me, the first one sounds just wrong.

    I am interested to hear your thoughts.
    VerfasserGinnilini15 Mär. 11, 15:44
    I request for ... is wrong
    I request to ... would work, but I'd still say
    I request that we celebrate ... instead (if the statement is directed at friends and family, for instance).

    This aside from the fact that "request" sounds a bit demanding here. You could ask the restaurant if it were possible to celebrate the party there, for instance. "I am inquiring if it were possible to ..." e.g.
    #1Verfasser dude (253248) 15 Mär. 11, 15:54
    Thanks! As they were supposed to write a (more or less) formal letter to a restaurant, I really like the sentence usinng "inquire", because the students probably don't know that one yet.
    #2VerfasserGinnilini15 Mär. 11, 16:02
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