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susceptible/responsive to

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If hair follicle cells were susceptible/responsive to pituitary ACTH, the measurement of GC in hair might reveal a novel tool for the diagnosis of ...

I am not sure which expression might be more appropriate here: susceptible to or responsive to ?
ACTH is something operating at the cellular level (receptor).
Authorkarink (659752) 08 Aug 11, 00:27
Not knowing your context, I'd guess "responsive" as "susceptible" doesn't seem to make much sense.
#1Authordude (253248) 08 Aug 11, 00:32
Hm, thought I had given some context, but maybe not enough.

It is not known whether pituitary ACTH (hormone) operates in hair follicle cells (which is usually explored by identifying the hormones' receptor). I am not sure if I may use susceptible or responsive to express if pituitary ACTH is operating in these cells (I used operating in the preceding sentence) or the other way round: if hair follicle cells were target cells of ACTH.
#2Authorkarink (659752) 08 Aug 11, 00:48
then I think "responsive" would be correct
#3Authordude (253248) 08 Aug 11, 00:56
Ich bin kein englischer Muttersprachler, aber ich habe es immer so verstanden, dass susceptible eher im Sinne von "anfällig für", also mit leicht negativer Bedeutung, und responisve eher im Sinne von "ansprechen auf", also mit einer eher positiven Bedeutung verwendet wird. Wenn ACTH also dazuführt, dass die "follicle cells" absterben, würde ich susceptible nehmen, sonst wohl eher responsive.
#4AuthorDFW (626253) 08 Aug 11, 02:37
#4: nein ACTH führ nicht zum Absterben der "follicle cells":-)
aber "responsive to" im Sinne von "ansprechen auf" müsste es treffen.
#5Authorkarink (659752) 08 Aug 11, 15:18
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