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More variety vs bigger variety

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Wie sagt man's richtig im Englischen?
Habe schon gegoogelt, aber bin noch nicht von "more" ueberzeugt.
Danke fuer eure Hilfe!
Authordenkenhilft (757737) 14 Nov 11, 06:25
If you use 'more,' 'variety' is noncount:

We need more variety on the menu / in the selections.
(= mehr Abwechslung?)

If you use 'bigger' (informal) or 'greater' (better for writing), 'variety' is usually count:

We need a greater(/bigger) variety of dishes on the menu.
(= eine größere Vielfalt/Auswahl?)

There's also another meaning of 'variety' used in agriculture, gardening, etc. Here 'bigger' is informal and 'larger' is standard.

This is a larger(/bigger) variety of pumpkin. It can grow up to 1000 lbs.
(= eine größere Sorte/Varietät?)

If that doesn't answer your question, please give some context.

#1Authorhm -- us (236141) 14 Nov 11, 06:49
hm, thanks so much, that fully answered my question!
#2Authordenkenhilft (757737) 14 Nov 11, 07:02
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