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    Komme was wolle

    I'm having a debate with someone, and my question is whether this is subjunctive in either language:

    D) Komme was wolle.
    E) Come what may.

    Thanks for input.

    Siehe Wörterbuch: komme
    Verfassercryme (795004) 25 Jan. 12, 04:00
    The phrase apparently is a shortening of "come what come may", which is what MacBeth says as an aside in the play of the same name. It seems that the understood ellipsis is "Let come . . ." For me that seems to indicate the English is a subjunctive (though I'm not ready to discuss its status: potential, optative, volitive, hortatory, jussive, prohibitive, concessive or deliberative).

    Here is a link.

    #1Verfasser Robert -- US (328606) 25 Jan. 12, 05:21
    Komme ist Konjunktiv I und kann als Imperativ, Optativ oder Potentialis verstanden werden.
    wolle ist ebenfalls Konjunktiv I (Optativ oder Potentialis).
    #2VerfasserDritte_Schicht (804716) 25 Jan. 12, 05:22
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