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opposite of "tightening curve"

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I'm having a complete metal block (TGIF!). What's the opposite of a curve that gets tighter (sich zuziehende Kurve)? Do we have anything handy in English like "sich öffnende Kurve"? "opening curve" makes me think of the first curve on a race track. "straightening curve" by any chance?
AuthorAnne(gb) (236994) 24 Feb 12, 16:43
Nicht-Muttersprachler Denkanstoss: "widening curve" ?

PS: Ich brauchte ein, zwei Sekunden, bis ich deinen "metal block" verstanden hatte. :)
#1AuthorMausling (384473) 24 Feb 12, 16:49
Oh, sorry about the typo. You can tell how badly I need a weekend!
#2AuthorAnne(gb) (236994) 24 Feb 12, 16:55
I'd say something like "a tight corner that opens up into a sweeping curve"

maybe, depends on the context/sentence. A "widening curve" would have something to do with road work for me.
#3Authordude (253248) 24 Feb 12, 16:58
Yes, dude, I have the same reservations about "widening curve". What I really need is something short and sweet. The text is riddled with sentences contrasting a "sich zuziehende Kurve" with a "sich öffnende Kurve".
#4AuthorAnne(gb) (236994) 24 Feb 12, 17:17
Ich bin nicht vom Fach und habe, ehrlich gesagt, keine Ahnung, was man sich unter einer "sich zuziehenden Kurve" oder einer "sich öffnenden Kurve" vorstellen muss. Haarnadelkurve vs. flache Kurve?

Würde "shallow" funktionieren? Oder eher "expanding"?
#5AuthorDragon (238202) 24 Feb 12, 17:21
I was going to suggest "expanding curve," too.
#6Authordude (253248) 24 Feb 12, 17:29
So was I :-)
#7AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 24 Feb 12, 17:31
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