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sports hall vs. gymnasium

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Auf der Website einer britischen Schule fand ich bei den sports facilities Folgendes:

Gymnasium, Sports Hall, Seminar Rooms

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen gymnasium (für Gymnastik?) und sports hall (für Ballsportarten?)?
AuthorRaudona (255425) 08 Mar 12, 18:15
I don't know if there's a big difference between AE and BE, but in AE, a gym (in this context) is usually smaller than a sports hall; you can play ball sports (basketball, e.g.) in a gym, too, but there usually aren't any seats for an audience, and the courts may be a bit smaller in some, too. A gym can also be a fitness studio.
#1Authordude (253248) 08 Mar 12, 18:20
A sports hall in a BE school tends to be large, allowing several activities to take place at once such as badminton and gymnastics as well as indoor ball games. Equipment is normally brought out from store rooms to suit the activities rather than being permanently set up. It is basically a large empty space, possibly with some fixtures on the walls.
#2AuthorEcgberht (469528) 08 Mar 12, 23:53
A gymnasium isn't typically thought of to be for "Gymnastik", as such, Raudona.

Just a place to play indoor sports.

A "gym" does typically have a spectator area for an audience, dude, the benches are usually a foldout type/variety. They are called "bleachers".

Anyway, that's the type of "gym" I play basketball at in Wisconsin, USA. And that's the type of jargon used in grade and high school (also at universities/colleges) in the USA (at least where I grew up).

This is all from an American perspective.
#3Authorcryme (795004) 09 Mar 12, 07:25
At my school in England the sports hall had lines drawn on the floor for netball, badminton, etc. The gym had a plain brown floor. The sports hall also had a huge net (like a curtain) that could be drawn across the middle of the room so 2 classes could use the room at the same time. The gym had things like ropes and those big wooden climbing frames, which were permanently attached but folded into the wall when not in use (useful as our gym was also used for exams).
#4AuthorSardonyx (848637) 09 Mar 12, 09:41
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