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What other expressions are there for 'offizielle Ansuchen' that you would place with authorities
AuthorPeter 29 Jan 06, 21:35
In general, a "solicitation" is a type of request, but the meaning leans more toward begging, pleading, imploring. "To solicit" and "solicitation" are used most often in legal terminology. In everyday speech it is not used frequently because it often has a negative connotation. Example: to solicit prostitutes.

So for your purposes, it is better to use the verb/noun "request", or the verb "apply"/noun "application". Examples:
I will submit an application for the job position.
You may request a meeting with the manager.
#1AuthorTJ (us)30 Jan 06, 00:02
All right, thanks TJ!
But what expression would be most appropriate for an official claim anyone would make with authorities in terms of tapping public funds/subsidies set up for various constitutional rights or economy-related purposes such as
1) corporate research,
2) rural development,
3) public project realisation (like creation of spas, rinks, recreational
facilities) , as well as
4) private support (like dole, braces-benefits for your kids, if there is such a thing in anglo-american nations) too.

In German we call such formal claims: Ansuchen (z.B. um Arbeitslosengeld, Notstandshilfe, EU-Förderung, ...)
#2AuthorPeter fumbling30 Jan 06, 17:39
TJ already gave you the correct word: you apply for funds
#3AuthorWerner30 Jan 06, 18:00
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