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    ?? water

    Hi everybody!

    I found a hillarious play by Bill Cosby.


    But I've got some trouble with this piece.
    In what kind of water is our hero about to plunge at 2:49 and 2:52?
    I just don't get it.
    Who knows the word? Who's able to help?

    Thanks in anticipation!
    Verfasser Der.Musiker (691369) 18 Jan. 13, 10:48
    Ahem ... I think I hear "lake water" there - simple as that.
    #1Verfasser Woody 1 (455616) 18 Jan. 13, 10:51
    Yeah, to keep it easy and logic I also would use lake water.
    But I distinctly hear plake (or whatever) water.
    #2Verfasser Der.Musiker (691369) 18 Jan. 13, 10:58
    Well then, go figure ...
    #3Verfasser Woody 1 (455616) 18 Jan. 13, 11:07
    It's 'lake'. In both cases the 'l' of lake slightly 'clashes' with the 't' from the word before, making it sound rather like a plosive (a 'p' is also a plosive). In the first example two voices are involved. In the second example he just stumbles on the word slightly.
    #4Verfasser CM2DD (236324) 18 Jan. 13, 11:10
    Thanks a lot!!!
    #5Verfasser Der.Musiker (691369) 18 Jan. 13, 11:29
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