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pronounciation "paradigm"

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Usual problem with the pronounciation of "i" in english.
How to pronounce the word "paradigm"?
I can't get sound from my PC at work.

Is it a "i" like a french "i" like in "sigmoid"
or is it a "eye", like parad-eye-m
Do you pronounce the "g"?
parad-eye-gm or parad-eye-m

Thanks in advance
AuthorGrossbouff (465598) 22 Aug 13, 13:17
para + dime, like a Dime bar.
#1AuthorCM2DD (236324) 22 Aug 13, 13:22
#2Authornoli (489500) 22 Aug 13, 13:27
a french "i" like in "sigmoid"
I do like the fact that this is evidently the first example that comes to mind, but in future maybe you could give examples I've heard of :-)
#3AuthorCM2DD (236324) 22 Aug 13, 13:32
sorry CM2DD indeed i am a scientist.
Let's say: a german "i" like in Sigmund Freud. :-D
#4AuthorGrossbouff (465598) 22 Aug 13, 14:02
That sounds American to me.

Para-dim in the U.K.
#5AuthorMe (GB) (745809) 22 Aug 13, 16:59
@5: Really? I'm only familiar with "para-dime", and CM2DD, another BE speaker, also came up with this pronunciation. I'd unterstand "para-dim", but I can't recall having heard it said that way.
#6AuthorDragon (238202) 22 Aug 13, 17:04
I checked on dictionary.com before posting to make sure and they list both pronunciations. I could never bring myself to say "dime", it just sounds hopelessly American to my ears.
#7AuthorMe (GB) (745809) 22 Aug 13, 17:07
The Daniel Jones Dict.of Pronunciation (admittedly a somewhat dated edition, as myself) gives the equivalent of para-dime only
#8Authorwienergriessler (925617) 22 Aug 13, 17:12
Re #5: In welcher Ecke von GB bist du denn aufgewachsen, Me?
#9AuthorMattes (236368) 22 Aug 13, 17:13
Ich kenne auch nur para-dime für UK.

(und wenn ich nicht den Nick verwechsle, ist Me (GB) Deutsche.)
#10AuthorGibson (418762) 22 Aug 13, 17:55
I (BE speaker) also say para-dime.
#11Authoramw (532814) 22 Aug 13, 19:15
Übrigens, in der Anfrage-Zeile gehört ein o weg: pronunciation
(und English)

Ich würde gern noch die Frage anhängen, wie man das Adjektiv zu paradigm - 'paradigmatic' - ausspricht. Regelrecht: para-dime-atic?
#12AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 22 Aug 13, 22:23
Ich würde gern noch die Frage anhängen, wie man das Adjektiv zu paradigm - 'paradigmatic' - ausspricht. Regelrecht: para-dime-atic?

Regelrecht and English pronunciation? How do those fit together? No, just to trip up English language learners, paradigmatic is pear-uh-dig-mat-ick: or if you'd like to listen to it, click here: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/par...
or here:

The final k-sound in the NAmE pronunciation sounded too heavily aspirated, but then I said it, and I guess the aspiration is strong.
#13AuthorAmy-MiMi (236989) 23 Aug 13, 02:59
Out of interest I had a look in Longman's pronunciation dictionary. They say:

ˈpær ə daɪm
|| ˈper-, -dɪm

To translate, that means that "dime" is the British pronunciation, that most Americans say it that way too, and your one is an alternative American pronunciation, according to Longman, I'm afraid, Me!

They don't have a time chart as they sometimes do when the pronunciation has changed relatively recently, so I can't say if older speakers might say it differently.
#14AuthorCM2DD (236324) 23 Aug 13, 10:03
I only know it with a long i.

OT re #10: und wenn ich nicht den Nick verwechsle, ist Me (GB) Deutsche.

Isn't there another user called something like "Me (BE)" or "Me (UK)"?
#15AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 23 Aug 13, 17:44
Da würde es sich ja anbieten, das Sprachprofil auszufüllen, aber ich glaube, darum habe ich auch schon mal vergeblich gebeten.

#16AuthorGibson (418762) 23 Aug 13, 18:38
#15: Isn't there another user called something like "Me (BE)" or "Me (UK)"?

ME (GB) (369909): related discussion: dishwasher vs. washing up bowl - #82
#17AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 28 Aug 13, 19:45
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