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Anyone who is learning Chinese, wants me to make friends?

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Hallo alle,

Anyone who is learning Chinese, wants me to make friends? I am a Hong Kong Chinese. Ich bin lerne Deutsch. Ich moechte nach lehre Sie Chinese und Sie lehren mich Deutsch. Pls private message me.:)
发贴者sallycky (1007238) 30 Jun 14, 12:08
So you want to learn German right? I want to learn Chinese :)
Do you speak mandarin or cantonese?
How can we contact?
What about you send me an email to daniel.heymann@dlh.de first and we see ;)
Where are you staying?


#1发贴者bSeRk (477954) 19 Jul 14, 12:30
bSeRk, click on the letter symbol in front of the nick ... and you can send a private message via the Leo messaging system ... if you receive a message, another letter symbol will be displayed in the left column of the screen ... next to Private messages, 通告, Mitteilungen ... a click on that will open the list of messages ...
#2发贴者no me bré (700807) 19 Jul 14, 18:36
Hey, are you still looking for German friend ?
我 开学 汉语 , at a university in 德国 and it would be nice if we could help each other to learn the languages.
#3发贴者Imilian (1166999) 23 Nov 16, 20:03
Hi how can I contact u
#4发贴者YQQ (1187419) 18 Apr 17, 00:03
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