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    that was dead-on! (BE)

    "Das trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf", ich habe gelesen "dead" für sehr/total etc. ist laut OALD BE. Verstehen dass Amerikaner, und was sagen Amerikaner eher dazu?
    VerfasserExberliner (906115) 06 Jul. 14, 17:31
    That was right on the money! (for example)
    #1Verfasser SD3 (451227) 06 Jul. 14, 17:46
    Oh, danke, das wäre mir nie in den Sinn gekommen.
    ...und, versteht ein Amerikaner "that was dead-on"?
    #2VerfasserExberliner (906115) 06 Jul. 14, 17:52
    Right on the money! -> 2.200.000 Treffer bei Google... Wow
    Hit the bull's eye? Das kann ich mir besser merken "Right on the money" - wie kann das übersetzen?

    Vielleicht sind diese Sätze im Umgang mit Amerikanern besser geeignet als dead-on. Ich weiß jetzt halt nicht, wurde dead-on dann verstanden? Oh, hab's jetzt erst gelesen, Merriam-Webster istamerikanisch - also sollte das verständlich sein...

    #4VerfasserExberliner (906115) 06 Jul. 14, 17:58
    Oder: Hit the nail on the head :-))
    #5Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 18:00
    Klingt zu deutsch! ;-)
    Hat aber am meinsten Google-Treffer, mehr als die anderen und "that takes the biscuit"

    Right on the money klingt total amerikanisch...
    Hat jemand eine Idee warum das "dsen Nagel auf den Kopf treffen" bedeutet?
    #6VerfasserExberliner (906115) 06 Jul. 14, 18:03
    Eberliner, right on the money kenne ich zwar nicht, aber könnte daran liegen, daß ich schon seit Jahrzehnten in Deutschland lebe...hit the nail on the head ist eine gängie Redewendung :-) Ob "dead on" das Selbe bedeutet wie "spot on"?
    #7Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 18:10
    "that takes the biscuit" bedeutet aber etwas anderes.

    Ich kenne 'dead on' eher in Verbindung mit etwas anderem (wie 'dead on target'), nicht so sehr alleinstehend. 'spot on' dagegen höre ich dauernd.
    #8Verfasser Gibson (418762) 06 Jul. 14, 18:44
    Ach so, that takes the biscuit ist "That takes the cake" bei uns in den USA :-)
    #9Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 19:09
    Bei euch ist ja immer alles etwas größer ;-)
    #10Verfasser Gibson (418762) 06 Jul. 14, 19:16
    Neeee Gibson, The Cookie Monster takes all the "biscuits," soooo we had to resort to cake :-)) And our biscuits, aren't anything like your's: http://thebarking.com/wp-content/uploads/2012...
    #11Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 19:21
    That's a biscuit? Remind me to look up food words before I visit the states; who knows what I might unintentionally order...

    I like these guys, warm and fresh from the bakery:

    #12Verfasser Gibson (418762) 06 Jul. 14, 19:29
    Yep, that's a biscuit...delicious hot and fresh from the oven, eaten with butter, honey, jelly, etc. :-) And your picture is of our chocolate chip cookies :-) No longer make them since my children "left home." :-)
    #13Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 19:33
    And your picture is of our chocolate chip cookies :-)

    I know. The first time I ate them was actually in Paris, a very long time ago. Then I found them again in Florida and practically lived off them (that and steaks), and then, to my delight, they had them in England too. In Germany you can get them only pre-packed (as you probably know), and that's miles away from the real thing. They frustrate me more than delight me :(
    #14Verfasser Gibson (418762) 06 Jul. 14, 19:41
    Here's a fairly simple recipe for them, and you can get most of the ingredients here in Germany - the only problem might be the proper kind of brown sugar...and should you need any help in "translating" cups into liters, well :-) Personally, I like adding pecans (if I can get any), or if not, another kind of nuts to the recipe, but...

    #15Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 19:56
    Looks delicious, and I found a conversion table, too (http://www.deliaonline.com/home/conversion-ta...). The only thing I find puzzling is '2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract'. That sounds like an enormous amount of vanilla - in German recipes it's normally one or two sachets of vanilla sugar, and the actual vanilla in them is negligible, I think.

    Anyway, thanks you. I'll try them. I fact, I want to try now, but it's Sunday.

    Edit: one more question: 350 degrees is fahrenheit, right?

    Edit II: Sorry for hijacking your thread, Exberliner. But surely you understand that this is important ;-)
    #16Verfasser Gibson (418762) 06 Jul. 14, 20:11
    Wanted to apologize, too, Exberliner :-) Yes, 350 degrees fahrenheit - I usually divide by 2, works out most of the time. And we have measuring spoons, but German vanilla extract (Oetker) is more "potent" than is ours. I use one tube of Oetker's. If you don't already have one, you can get a Pyrex measuring cup from Amazon, which provides our/your measurements :-) http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_7_5?__m...

    #17Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 20:22
    Thanks a lot :)
    #18Verfasser Gibson (418762) 06 Jul. 14, 20:28
    Understood, first things first ;-)
    Thanks anyway for all your input... And please expect more to come - I work closely with Americans and I always try hard to improve my English... Probably that will never come to an end... Man lernt nie aus, hat meine Großmutter gesagt
    #19VerfasserExberliner (906115) 06 Jul. 14, 20:41
    Most welcome! Amd in case you don't already know, the recipe calls for 1 cup of butter...if you have a Pyrex measuring cup, fill it with 1 cup water and add butter until amount is doubled, i.e., 2 cups are "displayed." :-)
    #20Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 20:42
    Carly, what do you usally divide by 2 - the fahrenheit?
    That would mean 30 degrees celsius equals 60 degrees fahrenheit. or did you mean the cups...

    Und wenn ich zu Dir sagen würde that was dead-on, würdest du warten "dead-on what?"... (trying to claim my thread back ;-))
    #21VerfasserExberliner (906115) 06 Jul. 14, 20:49
    Exberliner, Yeah, that's what I divide by 2, even though it's not exactly correct..but, it works.

    Dead on kenne ich einfach nicht - spot on, That hits the nail on the head...
    #22Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 06 Jul. 14, 21:11
    Carly-AE: Habe gerade nachgerechnet: Für die normalen Backtemperaturen passt die Umrechnung ganz gut.

    Und aus dem letzten Kanadaurlaub habe ich mir Messbecher mitgebracht :-)
    #23Verfasser Diburg (438605) 07 Jul. 14, 08:02
    In summary:

    The following (very likely) conversation is appropriate for AE:

    Anne: I'm hungry!

    Debbie: Let's make chocolate chip cookies.

    Anne: You know, I think you've hit the nail right on the head.
    #24VerfasserHappyWarrior (964133) 07 Jul. 14, 08:23
    I'll stick to that...

    #25VerfasserExberliner (906115) 07 Jul. 14, 09:11
    Ja, Diburg - tut's - ist wie gesagt nicht 100%ig, aber funktioniert! Und meine Pyrex Meßbechern sind gut 40 Jahre Alt und SEHR praktisch, wenn Frau in Deutschland lebt :-)
    #26Verfasser Carly-AE (237428) 07 Jul. 14, 09:20
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