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choose vs. select

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Kann mir jemand auf die Sprünge helfen, wann choose und wann select am besten passt? Z.B. wurde ich aus einer Gruppe ausgewählt an einem Meeting teilzunehmen: the group selected me / I was chosen / I was selected

AuthorExberliner (906115) 26 Nov 14, 17:36
"Select" is more formal than "choose".
#1AuthorKinkyAfro (587241) 26 Nov 14, 18:44
There are other small differences, too. "The Chosen One" is a well-worn phrase, for instance. I've never heard anyone called "The Selected One." :-)

Likewise: choose wisely (not "select wisely")

Maybe the difference is also that one chooses something from a more general palette of options, like one's path in life, whereas one selects from more specific options such as a color with which to paint one's living room, or a vowel on "Wheel of Fortune," etc.
#2Authordude (253248) 26 Nov 14, 19:22
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