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    multiple times?

    Gibt es diesen Ausdruck? Kann man ihn in folgendem Satz schreiben: "In the story Sarah is getting lured multiple times."?
    Authornoidea_1 (758539) 07 Oct 15, 14:22
    Warum nicht "several times" ?
    #1Author no me bré (700807) 07 Oct 15, 14:35
    Für mich hört sich "multiple times" (wenn es das denn erlaubterweise geben sollte) viel häufiger an als "several times".
    #2Author B.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 07 Oct 15, 14:38
    I agree that multiple "sounds" more frequent than several.
    Multiple is not wrong, but sounds really odd to me....
    I would be more inclined to just say many times, or even numerous times ...
    #3Author RES-can (330291) 07 Oct 15, 14:42
    time and again?
    #4Author B.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 07 Oct 15, 14:43
    Edit did not work .... Bubb :) :)

    Edit to #3: A full sentence and context would of course be very helpful .....
    #5Author RES-can (330291) 07 Oct 15, 14:45
    Thank you!
    #6Authornoidea_1 (758539) 07 Oct 15, 14:54
    #5: A full sentence and context would of course be very helpful .....
    Then it will be possible to determine what "is getting lured" is supposed to mean. It will definitely need to be changed!
    #7Author Spike BE (535528) 07 Oct 15, 14:56
    Funktioniert vielleicht auch "over and over again"?
    #8Author Harald (dede) [de] (370386) 07 Oct 15, 15:15
    as others have said, it all depends on the context; "repeatedly" could also be an option.

    Edit: as for "lured": I agree it sounds a bit odd by itself, but maybe she was lured into the woods or some other place? Or maybe what's meant is she was seduced.
    #9Author dude (253248) 07 Oct 15, 15:28
    dude is right - wiederholt
    #10Authornoli (489500) 07 Oct 15, 16:11
    No, she isn't! :)
    She plays an Internet game which is broadcast live and she is getting lured with prices so that she won't stop doing stupid dares.
    #11Authornoidea_1 (758539) 07 Oct 15, 21:28
    she keeps getting pulled back in with prizes/rewards?
    #12Author dude (253248) 07 Oct 15, 21:35
    So "getting lured" is wrong?
    #13Authornoidea_1 (758539) 07 Oct 15, 21:36
    By itself, I'd say yes, as is "prices"; one usually gets lured to or into something, like a child getting lured into a car or someone getting lured into a trap.
    #14Author dude (253248) 07 Oct 15, 21:44
    'multiple times' is not incorrect, but a bit strange.

    My main problem with your sentence is the tense, or rather the combination of tense + adverbial.


    is/gets lured numerous times
    is/gets repeatedly lured
    keeps getting lured
    is constantly/always/continually/forever getting lured

    However, as others have pointed out, 'lured' by itself won't do. Maybe substitute 'trapped'?
    #15Author escoville (237761) 07 Oct 15, 22:15
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