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    Forgotten English words

    Zehn Wörter, die in LEO noch nicht aufgenommen wurden:

    Sieh mal an - flitterwochen war einmal ein englisches Wort!
    Author Cuauhtlehuanitzin (1009442) 18 Nov 15, 11:54

    The apostle Paul finds fault with a certain sort of women who were prattlers, which would go from house to house, TWATTLING, and babbling out frothy speech that was good for nothing. 

    URQUHART, Rabelais, III. xviii.

    A twattling wife - eine Plaudertasche

    #1AuthorBubo bubo (830116) 28 Oct 21, 14:05

    OP - Honestly, I am devastated by all this apparent forgetfulness and ignorance! 🙂

    Such valuable words - lost to the collective memory - possibly forever, o Gott o Gott, mon dieu!

    But I am impressed by the caution that is wisely used in this definition of Flitterwochen:

    This Old English expression (probably borrowed from German) meant “fleeting weeks,” and refers to what we today call a honeymoon

    ... This is true scientific, linguistic caution at its best: because in the end, you never know anything for sure!

    And chances are: this term was initially used by the Native Americans! 🙂

    Attempted irony aside, I do like the idea of this thread. Writing this, I was asking myself: Does anyone still use "come to the fore" - which at least sounds very old-fashioned to my ears.

    #2Author RightSaidFred (1322814)  28 Oct 21, 14:24

    #3 - Ich gehe aber recht in der Annahme, dass alle deine Links nur deutschsprachige Wörter enthalten?

    #4Author RightSaidFred (1322814) 28 Oct 21, 17:49

    #4: Yes, it seems so. Let's stay here for English words!

    #5Author Stravinsky (637051) 28 Oct 21, 17:56

    Overmorrow, the day following tomorrow.

    #6AuthorBubo bubo (830116) 04 Nov 21, 12:13
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