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throw someone for a curveball

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Is "threw me for a curveball" a standard idiom in Canada or is it just a mistaken cross between "threw me for a loop" and "threw me a curveball"? I heard it tonight in a Canadian TV show set in Newfoundland.
Verfasserpatman2 (527865) 14 Nov 17, 07:25
For some reason the Sch***-iPad refuses to let me either select or copy any text in this window. (What else is new.) But anyway, I would say yes, the latter, namely, 'mistaken cross.'
#1Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 14 Nov 17, 07:45
A mistaken cross, I would say.
Plus it's Newfoundland ... far from the mainland and the place where our 'newfie' jokes originate. 😁😁
Ps - never been there, but they do have their own lingo. Supposed to be a lovely spot.
#2VerfasserRES-can (330291) 15 Nov 17, 07:12
Supposed to be a lovely spot.
Stimmt - da kann man die sprachlichen Eigenheiten entschuldigen :-)
#3Verfasserwienergriessler (925617) 15 Nov 17, 11:35
Thanks for the Canadian perspectives! In the spirit of mixed metaphors: you could have bowled me over with a curveball when I found out there is a dictionary for Newfinese or Newfoundland English: http://www.heritage.nf.ca/dictionary/

And a Wikipedia article complete with popular expressions such as Wadda ya'at b'y? = What are you doing?
#4Verfasserpatman2 (527865) 18 Nov 17, 02:55
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