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Feuer in L.A.?

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Bitte entschuldigt, wenn das hier die falsche Kategorie sein sollte. Ich habe heute eine Mail von Geschäftspartnern erhalten, dass ihr Büro am Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, wegen "des" Feuers geschlossen sei. Was ist denn da los?
VerfasserB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 06 Dez 17, 16:42
"Los Angeles wildfires force thousands to evacuate
The flames spread to over 70 sq miles by Tuesday and firefighters have been unable to bring them under control."
Ein Videokurzbericht nur so als Beispiel.
#1Verfasserigm (387309) 06 Dez 17, 16:49
Here's another article about it:
#2Verfasserhbberlin (420040) 06 Dez 17, 16:51
Bist Du auch auf Twitter unterwegs, Bubb? Dort meldeten mehrere User innerhalb der letzten Stunde ein großes Feuer "off the freeway at Getty Center Drive", "in the Sepulveda Pass near the Getty Center" u.ä., der Freeway 405, ein "major travel artery", sei gesperrt etc.
#3VerfasserDragon (238202) 06 Dez 17, 16:53
Heilige Scheiße, aber der Sepulveda ist mitten in der Stadt ...

I don't do Twitter ;-)
#4VerfasserB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 06 Dez 17, 16:54
Dafür bin ich nicht beim Gesichtsbuch.

Die Bilder und Filme, die geteilt werden, sehen richtig heftig aus.
#5VerfasserDragon (238202) 06 Dez 17, 16:56
Sepulveda is the longest street in LA County, and it runs from right where the Creek Fire is in the hills to the north to the harbor in San Pedro (40 miles or so?) to the south, so "mitten in der Stadt" isn't quite correct (or only partially). :-).
But yes, we're surrounded by several fires thanks to extremely dry weather conditions, years of drought, and some very harsh Santa Ana winds. I live in the San Fernando Valley, not too far from that part of Sepulveda Blvd., and the air is thick with smoke. It's very bad, so many schools and businesses are closed today because of that. But this is nothing compared to Ventura where tens if thousands of people had to be evacuated.

This happens every year around this time, so we're mostly used to it.
#6Verfasserdude (253248) 06 Dez 17, 17:10
Das Büro von denen ist wohl nahe dem Los Angeles National Cemetery, also doch eiigermaßen mitten drin.

Verdammt, Euch alles Gute da drüben!
#7VerfasserB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 06 Dez 17, 17:15
The cemetery you're talking about is actually in West Los Angeles, which is fairly close to the Pacific Ocean and usually has good air quality (because normally the wind comes off the Pacific), but right now (as they do several times a year) the Santa Ana winds come blowing in from the Mojave Desert to the east, hence their dryness and (usually) unseasonal heat. Consequently they drive the smoke west towards the ocean, so I can imagine that West LA is covered in smoke right now, too.
#8Verfasserdude (253248) 06 Dez 17, 17:20
The recent fires in SoCal started during the night from Monday to Tuesday from what I gather. Due to extremely strong winds (~60 mph), aerial firefighting initially wasn't possible.

Just like the recent fires in NorCal, these fires spread with unprecedented speed, and the scenes of people escaping on roads that looked like tunnels through the fire looked eerily familiar. It is impossible for firefighters to keep up and fires are zero percent contained. People could only watch helplessly as their houses burned down.

This was the major news topic on last night's TV news here in San Jose. They showed columns of trucks from various Bay Area fire departments preparing to drive to SoCal to render assistance. They should be there now. As dude says, the situation is worst around Ventura (nice little town, I visited there once on a tour of the California missions).
#9VerfasserNorbert Juffa (236158) 06 Dez 17, 17:51
I happen to know Ventura very well; it's only 60 miles from where I live, and I am there several times a year, often on business. In fact, I am supposed to go there this coming weekend for a big event, but now I'm not so sure the event will even take place. So far, though, everyone I know there is safe, so that's some good news in the midst of all this horrible destruction. The very picturesque towns of Santa Paula, Ojai, and Ventura have all been devastated by the Thomas Fire (as it's called), and more than 65,000 acres (about 26,000 hectares) have burned to the ground so far. This is by far the worst fire I can remember, and I've lived here for quite a while.
#10Verfasserdude (253248) 06 Dez 17, 18:09
The silver lining in this is that other than during the NorCal fires in October, there have been no fatalities caused directly by the fires so far. Let's hope it stays that way.
#11VerfasserNorbert Juffa (236158) 06 Dez 17, 18:35
Infos zu derzeitigen Waldbränden gibt's hier: http://www.fire.ca.gov/general/firemaps

Cal Fire at die aktuellen fire maps und Infos zu den einzelnen Feuern.

Und mitten in der Stadt hilft nicht notwendigerweise, siehe Coffey Park in Santa Rosa vor zwei Monaten.
#12VerfasserIna R. (425467) 06 Dez 17, 19:43
dude, I'm very glad you (and I trust Robert--US) are not in the path. I never can remember whereabouts you are, since the names of LA suburbs and freeways don't mean anything to me, but for some reason I had you down mentally as sort of more northish and maybe westish.

The one I've been anxious about since hearing the news this morning is the Getty museum, though apparently it's a smaller fire and they may now have it contained.


#13Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 06 Dez 17, 19:59
Ich drück' Euch auch allen die Daumen, dass es nicht weiter schlimmer kommt ...
#14Verfasserno me bré (700807) 06 Dez 17, 20:36
As I sit here looking out the window, I see that the winds have died down and are barely a breeze at this point, whereas all day yesterday and throughout the night, the winds were fierce, almost storm-like. So I'm hoping that the winds have also died down in the fire areas, especially in Ventura, although that area always seems to get more wind because of its proximity to the ocean. On the other hand, according to the weather report, the Santa Ana winds are expected to rage in some areas until late Thursday or even early Friday. We'll see.
#15Verfasserdude (253248) 06 Dez 17, 20:45
Unfortunately the weather report tonight said that the Santa Ana winds in the entire LA area will pick up again shortly, and are expected to be even stronger than before (at least in gusts), which would cause firefighting helicopters and planes dropping retardant to be grounded. Currently, 4000 firefighters are deployed across five fires.

The National Weather Service is predicting gusts of 50 – 60 mph at lower elevations and as high as 75 mph across hillsides for up to 18 – 24 hours, an unusually long interval for Santa Ana winds of that strength. (More typically, Santa Ana winds peak overnight and weaken by day, as was the case on Tuesday). Relative humidity is expected to dip well below 10%, especially as temperatures rise during the day Thursday.
#16VerfasserNorbert Juffa (236158) 07 Dez 17, 05:53
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