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    overall - im Allgemeinen

    "There are many problems, one of them being XY. Another example is air pollution, or pollution IN GENERAL."

    In the above example sentence, would it be okay to replace "in general" with "overall"?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    VerfasserUnwoken (761422) 10 Mai 18, 16:09
    I wouldn't do it. "overall" can have several meanings such as "insgesamt," for instance. It doesn't work, though, in your context, imo.
    #1Verfasser dude (253248) 10 Mai 18, 17:22
    I agree with dude (and would lose the 'being' in the first part).

    (NB: Could you maybe clarify this: Siehe auch: present plus adverb
    I'm still not sure what you were looking for as you never came back to the thread.)
    #2Verfasser Gibson (418762) 10 Mai 18, 17:37
    I also agree. I think if you use overall in the sense of in general or insgesamt, it usually precedes a noun, as in: The overall result was...
    #3Verfasser Chrysalis66 (1189140) 10 Mai 18, 17:47
    doublepost, sorry...
    #4Verfasser Chrysalis66 (1189140) 10 Mai 18, 17:47
    "In general" and "overall" are synonymous in this context.

    [sentence adverb] Taken as a whole; in all.
    ‘overall, 10,000 jobs will go’

    in general
    As a whole.
    2. ‘our understanding of culture in general and of literature in particular’

    In answer to the OP, the two expressions are interchangable here.
    #5Verfasser Pipper (917363) 11 Mai 18, 12:33
    But what about word order?
    #6Verfasser Chrysalis66 (1189140) 11 Mai 18, 13:16
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