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    Maintenance announcement: Saturday 2020-02-08


    Maintenance announcement: Saturday 2020-02-08


    We need to update our database as our current server has some hardware issues. While the current server is still running OK, we don't want to push our luck. We will move the database to a new server.

    The forums, trainer and language courses will be down for an estimated duration of three hours:

    • Estimated start:2020-02-08, 15:00 (CET), 14:00 (UTC)
    • Estimated end:2020-02-08, 18:00 (CET), 17:00 (UTC)

    The dictionaries will be available as normal. However, please note that you will not be able to save words in the vocabulary trainer during the downtime.

    We will also upgrade the used database version as the current version will not be supported with security updates for much longer. This version update should not be noticeable for you after the database migration is done.

    We will try our best to keep the interruption as short as possible and apologise for the inconvenience.

    Autor Martin (LEO-Team) (5) 07 Feb 20, 14:33

    The update of our database has been completed, as far as we can see, everything should be working again. If it is not, please let us know!

    #1Autor Martin (LEO-Team) (5) 08 Feb 20, 16:45
    Martin, sorry to bug you but ...

    I'm afraid that since yesterday (or earlier? I don't come in here every day, since not much is ever happening yet) the dictionary search is no longer working for me in en-es, on the iPad Mini. Nothing has changed anywhere else that I can see, but here I currently only get a 500 server error.

    500 Internal Server Error

    I had one funny search result one time a few days ago that I wish I had thought to copy. The URL randomly added some garbage characters, of which I remember mainly ...%2525%2525%2525...., I think at least three or four times, and then something else short at the end.

    I've tried entering the en-es realm by different methods, whether via my bookmarked link (I did remove the old version with 'beta' in it, I think) or via the other dicts and the flag icons, but it doesn't seem to matter. I've also logged in and out and started over, I think; ditto.

    I did also notice that the two-flag icon seemed to be moving again after being clicked on, rather than staying anchored at the rightmost end in position 7 of 7 language combinations, where I personally find it easier to remember.

    Not sure if any of this is any help, but it does seem Iike the dict needs to work. /-:

    #2Autor hm -- us (236141)  20 Feb 20, 10:52

    That's a bit strange, indeed. You get the "500 Internal Server Error" as soon as you try to get a search result in the dictionary?

    The "%25" could be due to "URL-Encoding": since certain characters have a special meaning within a URL, if you actually want to use them, you'll have to encode them (depending on the exact use case). "%25" is simply the encoded form of the "%"-sign (yeah, kind of weird)... Other "well known" URL-Encodings in this notation are %20 for a whitespace or (if a different encoding is used) "& amp;" (without the space) for an ampersand-character

    #3Autor Martin (LEO-Team) (5)  20 Feb 20, 13:37

    Diese 500-Fehlermeldung hatte ich gestern auch, als ich versucht hab' vom Forum hier (Es-En) direkt ins Wöbu zu gehen ... von einem anderen Wöbu aus war das kein Problem ... heute ist das nicht mehr passiert ...

    #4Autor no me bré (700807) 20 Feb 20, 14:18

    Did you start a search from the Forum to the dictionary or did you click on the "Dictionary" link in the top bar? Still baffled, though we did have a hiccup yesterday on one of our servers...

    #5Autor Martin (LEO-Team) (5) 20 Feb 20, 14:29
    You still had it this morning, I think, but after you posted here it seems to have magically fixed itself.

    Maybe no me bré laid hands on it from afar. Thanks, anyway, to whomever.
    #6Autor hm -- us (236141) 20 Feb 20, 20:49


    #7Autor no me bré (700807) 20 Feb 20, 22:32

    Gran actualización como siempre. Parece muy útil. ¡Muchas gracias!

    #8Autor Liberata Lozada (1370582) 22 Oct 22, 15:18
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