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    Personal recommendations wanted: Spanish translator


    Personal recommendations wanted: Spanish translator


    Hi all,

    TLDR: I'm looking for personal recommendations for a reliable Spanish translator/translation agency to do software localization work (source language: German or English). Consistent terminology is vital, so the use of a translation memory system is a requirement. The work is regular and ongoing, because the existing software receives regular updates and new products keep being added.

    I'm active in the German-English part of LEO and I work for an international software company which supplies specialized software for the publishing industry. 

    Among other languages, our products are available in Spanish. This translation work (UI elements, e.g. labels, error messages, etc.) is outsourced. Unfortunately, with our current translation partner, we have had ongoing problems with inconsistent translations or untranslated strings. 

    For example, an identical 3-word label appears 31 times in the software. When the job came back, we discovered that the translators had used four different translations and - abbreviation was necessary - more than 10 different spellings

    Nobody in my team speaks Spanish, but even so there have been other examples that even we found. And likely, other errors that we haven't. 

    We tried to discuss these issues and their causes with the agency, but their answers were evasive. My suspicion is that the agency split our job among several freelancers and that they are not using a translation memory system. 

    As a result, I now have to search for a new partner, so I'm hoping the LEO community can help out. Thanks in advance.

    Author covellite (520987) 09 May 22, 09:53
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