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    Out Out Quoing (Status Quo)


    Out Out Quoing (Status Quo)


    Der neue Tournee von Status Quo heisst "Out Out Quoing".

    Ich habe nicht die geringste Ahnung, was das bedeuten soll. Cool Cool Quo oder so wäre verständlich, aber ich weiß nicht einmal was "out out" heißt (außer wenn man zu lange auf der Toilette ist vielleicht)

    Was ist gemeint? Danke!

    AuthorAnnaUK (806456) 31 Aug 22, 23:23

    Ich vermute, dass da absichtlich eine Konjunktion bzw. Präposition zwischen den beiden "outs" fehlt.

    Schau mal hier: Siehe Wörterbuch: out out

    edit: Quoing könnte entweder nichts weiter sein als das Partizip eines Verbs, das dem Bandnamen entnommen ist und eigentlich nicht existiert, to quo, oder irgendwie auf quoin (coing) anspielen. Das wäre dann zwar ein Wortspiel, aber eins, das ich auch nicht verstehe.

    Dictionary: quoin

    #1Author reverend (314585)  31 Aug 22, 23:52

    Das ist ein Wortspiel mit "to be outgoing", schätze ich mal.

    #2AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 01 Sep 22, 08:34

    Zunächst mal hat es ja funktioniert: Aufmerksamkeit.

    Band-Mitglied Francis Rossi sagt dazu: The ‘Out Out Quoing’ name is a bit of fun, but this is a celebration too of getting back to the stage: it has been far too long. Following massive demand STATUS QUO announce Christmas 2022 run for the ‘Out Out Quoing’ tour | XS Noize | Online Music Magazine

    Es soll wohl betonen, dass Status Quo mal wieder "draußen" / on tour sind.

    Wenn ich es auf Deutsch erklären müsste (Übersetzung wäre schwierig), würde ich es so versuchen: endlich wieder draußen und extrovertiert.

    #3Author Raudona (255425)  01 Sep 22, 08:41

    I think it means that they are out again, out-Quoing themselves.

    The first "out" would then be part of the phrase "to be out [verb]ing":

    Where's John? He's out catching fish.

    Mary's gone out looking for her dog.

    Here, "out" means something like "outside" or "out and about".

    The second "out" would then be attached to "quoing", as a commonly used play on "outdoing" (sich übertreffen):

    Justin Bieber really out-Biebered himself this weekend, getting caught speeding through Las Vegas.

    This means that he acted even more stereotypically of Justin Bieber than usual.

    So SQ are out singing, out dancing, and out out-Quoing themselves.

    #4Author CM2DD (236324)  01 Sep 22, 09:56

    "outdoing" ist tatsächlich plausibler als "outgoing" 😉

    #5Author Raudona (255425) 01 Sep 22, 10:02

    Ja, schöne Deutung. Ich hätte da dann nur einen Bindestrich erwartet, Out Out-Quoing.

    #6Author reverend (314585) 01 Sep 22, 10:33

    #6 That's why it's confusing - but I guess it looks better without the hyphen. Or they just couldn't care less about it.

    #7Author CM2DD (236324) 01 Sep 22, 10:36

    Auf den Plakaten verteilt es sich meist so:



    OUT OUT ist dunkles Orange, QUOING helles Orange, also deutlich abgesetzt.

    #8Author Raudona (255425) 01 Sep 22, 11:12

    Mit Raudonas #3 und #8 spräche das ja eher für ein "Raus, raus! (Jetzt wird) gequot" (langes o).

    Endlich wieder nach draußen. Und was macht man da? Na, Queuing, äh Quoing.

    #9Author reverend (314585) 01 Sep 22, 11:22

    Fast forward to February 2022, and after such a long time off the road, the band were back ‘Out Out Quoing’, the aptly named title of the tour.

    This guy also sees it as meanig that the band are out.

    The "quoing" definitely means "being Status Quo".

    The only question is why there are two "outs".

    "Out, out!" would also require punctuation - the comma. If you were saying "Let's all go out!" then something with "let's" would be more likely. And "Out, out!" doesn't really sound like a bit of fun, as described.

    Another reason could be that they mean "properly out". We often use a repetition to mean "really, literally, actually", as in:

    A: I saw Madonna yesterday.

    B: You mean Madonna Madonna?!


    A: I feel sick.

    B: You mean sick sick?

    In that interpretation, out out would mean "really, properly out" - back to normal again.

    #10Author CM2DD (236324) 01 Sep 22, 11:59

    Etwas OT: Sehr hübsches Beispiel in einer Szene aus "Grey's Anatomy", die ich gestern gesehen habe:

    Two doctors kissing.

    A: You're hot.

    C: You're hot too.

    A: I mean, you're "hot" hot.

    C (kissing more passionately)

    A: YOU. HAVE. A. FEVER!!

    #11Author Raudona (255425) 01 Sep 22, 12:41

    I'd quite fancy going to this, btw, but the cheapest seats left are 65 euros - and it's in the Kulturpalast; the spießigste surroundings you can imagine, might spoil it a bit!

    #12Author CM2DD (236324) 01 Sep 22, 12:57

    Das "quo-ing" sieht schon fast nach "queueing" aus.... Passt in unsere Zeit!

    #13AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 01 Sep 22, 13:58

    quo "the spießigste surrounding" unquo 🙂

    Tja, die Eingangshalle des Bode-Museums ist zu klein, und der Plenarsaal des Reichstag auch. Die hätten ja beide mehr Flair, wenn nicht flare. Platz genug wäre wohl in der Zitadelle Spandau (quo?).

    #14Author reverend (314585)  01 Sep 22, 14:09

    I'm talking about the Kulturpalast Kulturpalast, of course, in Dresden :)

    Looks like they've got it almost filled, so I guess there was no alternative.

    #15Author CM2DD (236324) 01 Sep 22, 15:27

    In this form, one color and on one line, the “out out-d/quoing” reading (which seems to have been the initial intention) is intuitively close; this form though—two lines, two colors, two font sizes, the two “out”s color- and font-size-equated, the second of them torn from “quoing” by being on a different line, of different color and font-size—launches it into a more enigmatic, “poetic” mode, triggers more possibilities than the “prosaic” one line version. It can be read for example as three disconnected words. It makes one work more, prescribes less, than the one-liner. I prefer it, too.

    #16AuthorBion (1092007)  01 Sep 22, 15:44

    Vielleicht finden sie ja diesmal den vierten Akkord :)

    #17Authorhansmartin (817546) 01 Sep 22, 20:09

    Thanks guys! You are brilliant! It was really bugging me that I couldn't understand the slogan. And yes, I do have tickets for one of the shows - apparently the support act, Manfred Mann's Earth Band are brilliant live (although admittedly, I don't really know them)

    #18AuthorAnnaUK (806456) 06 Sep 22, 10:10

    Ich erinnere mich noch an Tourplakate Mitte/späte 80er Jahre mit Status Quos "Farewell Tour". 😂

    #19Author eastworld (238866) 06 Sep 22, 10:19

    Manfred Mann's Earth Band? Who's pulling their strings during the live act?

    #20Author B.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 06 Sep 22, 10:48

    Earth Band als Support Act? O tempora o mores...

    Vor ca. 20 Jahren definitiv brilliant live.

    #21Author traveller in time (589684) 06 Sep 22, 15:58

    AnnaUK: Manfred Mann's Earth Band are brilliant live (although admittedly, I don't really know them)

    "Doo Wad Diddy"? ""The Mighty Quinn"? "Blinded By The Light"? "Davy's On The Road Again"? Auf jedem Oldies-Sampler zu finden 😉

    #22Author Raudona (255425) 06 Sep 22, 16:25

    Best (and funniest) answers ever! Thank you so much guys!

    #23AuthorAnnaUK (806456) 01 Oct 22, 01:28
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