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Lektorat/Korrektorat means what in English?

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The definitions for these words currently given by LEO are unsatisfactory. Lektorat is defined as "lectorate/lectorship" and I cannot find either of these words in any English dictionary.

In reference to the services offered by a business engaged in Lektorat and Korrektorat, can someone explain, in English, how these two services or activities are different? I understand that Korrektorat means to proofread and/or edit text. What, then, is Lektorat and how is it different from Korrektorat?

Thanks Leute!
AuthorRichard Peel27 Feb 04, 09:31
lec·tor ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lktr)
A person who reads aloud certain of the scriptural passages used in a church service.
A public lecturer or reader in certain universities.

[Middle English, from Late Latin lctor, from Latin, reader, from lctus, past participle of legere, to read. See lecture.]

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

#1AuthorMarshall27 Feb 04, 09:47
I would assume that Korrektorat refers to copy-editing or indeed proofreading. Thus Lektorat is more the classic editing activities: selecting new titles, working with authors on rewrites of the material, etc.
#2AuthorNancy27 Feb 04, 09:48
Agree with Nancy on her definition of "Lektorat". However, "Korrektorat" is proofreading but not copy-editing, which would be "Redaktion" or "Textredaktion", although admittedly Lektorat and Redaktion tend to intertwine. (LektorInnen entscheiden über die Gestalt eines Buches, schlagen Kürzungen oder Ergänzungen vor usw., oft übernehmen sie gleichzeitig die sprachliche Überarbeitung, sprich die Textredaktion. Sie können darüber hinaus an der Programmplanung mitwirken, bei festangestellten LektorInnen ist das der Regelfall.)
#3Authorjannek27 Feb 04, 10:54
"Korrektorat" is proofreading, making minor changes.
"Lektorat" would mean making bigger changes in the text; maybe switching paragraphs, re-writing passages. And it is by no means restricted to publishing houses. My first job was as "Lektorin" in a financial services company.
However, one agency I frequently work with calls it "lektorisieren" (should be "lektorieren", if anything) when they proofread for spelling mistakes, commas, etc.
So, Lektorat really has a wide range of meanings.
#4AuthorLobo27 Feb 04, 12:33
Unfortunately, even professional "Lektorate" don't seem to have a someone to do the "Korrektorat": "lizensieren".


#5Authorbernd05 Mar 04, 18:33
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