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efficient and effective

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How would you describe (in English) the difference between working efficiently and working effectively?
AuthorMini Cooper (236699) 07 Dec 06, 17:56
You can work efficiently but not effectively. By not wasting time on irrelevant tasks, you are working effeciently, but if you work with the wrong goal in mind, you are not being effective.

Conversely, you can get the job done (working effectively), but take too much time doing so (not working efficiently.)

That's my take on it, at any rate.
#1AuthorMartin--cal07 Dec 06, 18:03
One example of Martin--cal's comment of effective but not efficient would be doing complicated math computations by hand with paper and pencil. You can arrive at the correct answer (effective), but in many cases it is more efficient to use a calculator.
#2AuthorBecky (US)07 Dec 06, 18:12
Das ist im Deutschen (effizient vs. effektiv) im prinzip ebenso.

Es gab dazu auch schon zahlreiche Diskussionen, z. B. hier
#3AuthorSophil <de> (239990) 07 Dec 06, 18:19
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