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with the purpose of applying for the program?

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I have the following line:

Enclosed to this email you will find my CV and intention cover letter with the purpose to apply for the.......

is it with the purpose to apply? or with the purpose of applying?

I know I could always say "in order to apply" but I was wondering what could be the proper way to use it with my construction (if there is one :) )

Thanks a lot guys
Authormariotol (243141) 26 Jan 07, 11:46
It would be "for the purpose of applying". But it sounds a bit like "you will find it in order to apply...". Maybe "you will find my ... which I am sending in order to ..."

Also, I think you have to choose between "and my cover letter" or "and my letter of intention".
#1AuthorCM2DD (236324) 26 Jan 07, 11:59

attached to this email


enclosed with this letter

I think
#2AuthorJust commenting26 Jan 07, 12:27
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