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    staff or staffs


    There are one form for staff?

    Staff is Plural and Singlar the same?


    I would like to talk to all the sales staff

    staff - Mitarbeiter (Singular/Plural)

    VerfasserAlina20 Aug. 06, 09:23
    See also: https://dict.leo.org/cgi-bin/dict/archiv.cgi?...

    I would say "staff" is singular and means "a body of persons employed in a business" [Fowler's]. The plural is "staffs", which refers to several such bodies. Staff does not mean "Mitarbeiter" (sing.). It is more like "Personal". It is not a word, like "sheep", that has the same form for singular and plural.

    However, it is more complicated than that, because it is a collective noun (like "crew") and can, therefore, take a plural verb (at least in British English).

    To make it even more complicated it can sometimes be used like an uncountable noun, without an article ("You can't get staff", "by staff", "members of staff").

    In your example, think of "all" as meaning "gesamt" rather than "alle".
    #1VerfasserMike E.20 Aug. 06, 10:10
    Es gibt einen Plural für staff: staffs.
    Da sich staff aber schon eine Gruppe von Personen (Mitarbeiterstab, Personal) bezieht ist dieser nicht so häufig.
    #2Verfasserunknown_spirit20 Aug. 06, 10:13
    Mitarbeiter sg. → employee (vgl. französisch employer v. →einstellen, part. passé employé(e) →angestellt)

    Mitarbeiter sein: be on the staff of...
    #3Verfasserunknown_spirit20 Aug. 06, 10:25

    Wenn es sich um Mitarbeiter handelt gibt es
    eine Singularform staff und eine Pluralform also

    Wenn es ich um Personal handelt gibt es nur
    eine Form also staff.

    #4VerfasserAlina20 Aug. 06, 10:29
    Mitarbeiter (Sg.) ▬ employee (sg.)
    Mitarbeiter (Pl.) ▬ staff (sg.), employees (pl.) (~ Arbeitnehmer)
    Personal (nur Sg.) ▬ staff (sg.)
    ∟ bei Pluralgebrauch Mitarbeiterstäbe ▬ staffs
    #5Verfasserunknown_spirit20 Aug. 06, 10:38

    Ich bereite mich gerade auf eine Prüfung
    vor und in diesem Übungstest kamen eben die
    beiden Wörter vor.

    staff und staffs

    #6VerfasserAlina20 Aug. 06, 10:40
    An das letzte Wort meines vorigen Beitrags gehört noch (pl.) angehängt.
    #7Verfasserunknown_spirit20 Aug. 06, 10:40
    Bitte zuerst sorgfältig die schon vorhandenen Erläuterungen lesen, bei Unklarheiten werden weitere Fragen gerne beantwortet.
    #8Verfasserunknown_spirit20 Aug. 06, 10:42
    The only time you're likely to hear people talking about staffs is when you're talking to wizzards or shepherds.

    #9VerfasserMini cooper 20 Aug. 06, 10:53
    sorry, should have read "wizards".
    #10VerfasserMini cooper 20 Aug. 06, 10:54
    I'd like to talk to all the sales staff.
    The staff were/was happy with the new uniforms. (sing. or plural, no difference in meaning)
    The staff at that shop are/is very friendly.
    Six members of staff came to the meeting.

    The staffs of the two companies were worried about the merger.
    The staffs of QuickEat and FatFood both wore red uniforms.

    The wizard carried a staff.
    The two wizards both carried staffs.
    #11VerfasserArchfarchnad -gb-20 Aug. 06, 11:56
    Just for the sake of interest (not really relevant to your question)....

    There is an alternate plural of staff, which is staves. It's an uncommon word, perhaps old-fashioned. But it hasn't disappeared entirely. It is occasionally seen as a plural for staff meaning stick - for example, "all the wizards left their staves outside the tent"), or for staff meaning musical staff ("piano music is usually written with two staves"). I have seen it in both those contexts, but never as a plural for staff meaning personnel... possibly simply it's very uncommon for this meaning of staff ever to appear in the plural.
    #12Verfassereric (new york)20 Aug. 06, 18:30
    Please help! I just have read this:

    Playing Card Manufacturers
    Updated On: 2/26/2007
    To commemorate ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, U.S. playing card manufacturers replaced "staffs" with "hearts" as the fourth suit in the deck. The world soon followed.

    What showed this sign called "staffs" (before 1920)?
    #13VerfasserArtico200004 Apr. 07, 20:20
    No. 13

    The assertion doesn't seem to square with


    #14Verfassergmp04 Apr. 07, 23:45
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