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  • Betrifft

    use an attempt ?!

    Eine kurze Frage. Mein Satz:
    "In a business context, this attempt is often made to explain differences in management structure..."
    - wurde mir wie folgt korrigiert:
    "In a business context, this attempt is often USED to explain..."

    - Aber für meine Begriffe passt doch "attempt" und "use" gar nicht, oder!? Klingt das für Euch ok, oder müsste ich anstatt "attempt" dann auch "approch" nehmen, damit es wieder einen Sinn ergibt?!
    VerfasserRolf M. (275854) 29 Mai 07, 20:40
    You're right, it's not correct.

    But for me there's something odd about "this attempt is often made to, etc." - although one can certainly make an attempt. It seems to be no more than the "this" that disturbs. Maybe with the context my puzzlement would vanish. I can't say.
    #1VerfasserPhillipp29 Mai 07, 21:55

    this approach is often used to explain.....
    sounds better to me
    #2VerfasserKai29 Mai 07, 23:00
    I'd use "used" anyway:
    This [attempt/example/explanation/reference/object/...] is often used to explain...

    Don't expect a grammatical explanation from me now, but I am using [something] to explain something. Whether that thing I'm using is just a made attempt or a well documented reference doesn't make much of a difference I'd say.

    Maybe you should make it clear by writing "This attempt is often made and, if successful, used to explain..." I think the main problem is that you're using an attempt as an explanation. These two create kind of a conflict.
    #3VerfasserDavCZ30 Mai 07, 05:58
    "this attempt" -- "dieser Versuch" ? -- "this experiment" ???
    #4VerfasserPhillipp30 Mai 07, 08:29
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