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    any document - any documents?


    any document - any documents?

    Hallo! Also ich glaube mich an meine Schulzeit erinnern zu können, wo wir im Englischunterricht lernten, dass man "any" immer mit Singular schreibt. Jetzt erhalte ich eine englische Vollmacht, in der es heißt "any documents" - kann das richtig sein?

    VerfasserChristina02 Jul. 07, 14:42
    Nothing wrong with "any documents" per se.

    Do you have any documents regarding this case?
    Do any documents exist regarding this case?
    Does any document exist regarding this case?

    as examples.
    #1Verfasserquail02 Jul. 07, 14:49
    Many thanks!!
    #2VerfasserChristina02 Jul. 07, 14:54
    Sie können die beide sagen, aber "any document" hat nicht oft gesagt.

    Is there any document in this office that is ready for approval?
    Someone might say this after repeated attempts to find a document that is ready for approval with no luck.

    Are there any documents in the office ready for approval?
    This would be more commonly used, and you really can't go wrong with using this one.
    #3VerfasserChichis AE (339998) 02 Jul. 07, 14:57
    You´re german is really terrible chichis. Where do you come from?

    #4Verfasserbei diesem Posting anonym02 Jul. 07, 15:00
    @Chichi: I can read, so I think you're from the US.. What #4 means is that your answer should be:

    "Sie können beides sagen, aber "any document" wird nicht oft verwendet."
    "Du kannst beides sagen, aber "any document" wird nicht so oft benutzt."

    #5VerfasserUMG2 (328026) 02 Jul. 07, 15:19
    wow. Thanks for you honesty. I believe the AE stands for American English....
    #6VerfasserChichis AE (339998) 02 Jul. 07, 15:21
    I believe those are the responses that prevent me from ever speaking German
    #7VerfasserChichis AE (339998) 02 Jul. 07, 15:22
    ;) That's what I believe, too..
    Just thought it might help you to see what was wrong..
    (I myself learn a lot by beeing corrected..)
    #8VerfasserUMG2 (328026) 02 Jul. 07, 15:23
    Oh, no..I was to slow: I believe AE is "American English"..
    I don't believe you should stop speaking/writing German! No way!!
    #9VerfasserUMG2 (328026) 02 Jul. 07, 15:25

    years later:

    hi chichis,

    hopefully you ignored #4 - rudeness says more about the source than the recipient.

    and meanwhile you will probably speak German like a (nice) native.

    #10VerfasserSchmuckschuber (1147811) 29 Mai 20, 10:54
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