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    nun, ist ein amerikanischer Ausdruck.

    Jemand wird bezahlt und meint:

    You give me a c-note for telling you this?

    wobei ich nicht daruas schließen kann, ob er erfreut ist über diesen Geldschein oder ob es ihm zu wenig erscheint.

    Und welchen Wert (in Dollar) hat dieser Geldschein?

    Verfasserarana (364612) 06 Sep. 07, 00:52
    $100 bill is a c-note.
    #1VerfasserCharlie (US) (268797) 06 Sep. 07, 01:22
    Thank you!

    Can you tell me where this name comes from? Because I never heared it before. Is it used very often?

    #2Verfasserarana (364612) 06 Sep. 07, 01:34
    "C" signifying the quantity of 100 in roman numerals, "note" signifying federal reserve note, thus "c-note" signifies 100 dollars.


    Whether that's entirely accurate, I do not know, but it sure sounds convincing. As for its usage, I never say nor do any of the people I hang out w/. If I had to guess, I would say it's more prevalent in hip-hop culture. That's only a conjecture, though, and I've no claims with which I can substantiate that.
    #3VerfasserCharlie (US) (268797) 06 Sep. 07, 01:48
    The $100 note is also colloquially known as a century, though I think that's old-fashioned. One reads that usage mainly in slightly trashy crime caper novels.
    #4Verfasseryotix (271058) 06 Sep. 07, 09:08
    hey Charlie!

    thank you for your response, it seems quite possible and sounds good!

    @ yotix
    well, then I'm lucky you know these "slightly trashy crime caper novels" :D
    And your answer seems to fit someway with charlies...


    #5Verfasserarana (364612) 06 Sep. 07, 23:42
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