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    lässt sich das synonym verwenden
    kann ich sagen to handle a new country?
    AuthorGiusi24 Nov 07, 10:27
    Es kommt, wie so oft, auf den Kontext an. Was willst Du denn sagen?
    #1Author9dx4j24 Nov 07, 10:29
    sie kommt mit dem Land nicht zurecht.
    She can't cope with the country?
    She can't handle the country?
    #2AuthorGiusi24 Nov 07, 10:31
    Geht's um Singapore?
    #3Author El Buitre (266981) 24 Nov 07, 16:13
    to cope: to deal with with a certain amount of success. (Webster's)

    to handle: to behave or perform in a particular way (Webster's)

    'She learned to cope with her circumstances quite well despite the surgery.'

    'The soldier handled his being on the front lines like he was born to it.
    #4AuthorKAB25 Nov 07, 00:52
    You could say 'handle a country', but it almost have a ring of meaning 'to put up with' or 'endure'.

    'Sure, I can handle being in Iraq knowing that I get to go home in 3 months.'

    "I can't handle this country and its strange ways.'

    'I handled the country well for not being able to speak the language.'
    #5AuthorKAB25 Nov 07, 00:59
    "almost has" instead of "almost have"

    #6AuthorKAB25 Nov 07, 01:11
    KAB, was für ein "Webster's" hast Du? Zumindest im online-Merriam-Webster lese ich:

    2 a: to maintain a contest or combat usually on even terms or with success —used with with b: to deal with and attempt to overcome problems and difficulties —often used with with

    "to cope" ist auch typisches Wort in der Psychologie für Dinge, die zu psychischen Problemen führen könnte (coping/ coping strategies).

    (Stimme aber zu, was die Übersetzung hier angeht.)
    #7Authorpdtrx25 Nov 07, 11:56
    'Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary' published in 2003 :)

    I only put the part(s) of the definition that applied to the query.
    #8AuthorKAB26 Nov 07, 17:21
    And then there's "come to terms with"

    She can't come to terms with living in.....
    #9Authormenme (372262) 26 Nov 07, 18:33
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