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    any more / anymore

    I knew that I couldn't convince him any more. (-> Teacher said it's wrong.)
    I knew that I couldn't convince him anymore.

    I didn't know there was a difference!?

    Swan, Practical English Usage: Anymore may (!) be written as one word, especially in American English.

    Thank you.
    Verfassermatze15 Dez. 07, 22:51
    LEO kennt beides.
    Mir ist eigentlich die Version in zwei Worten geläufiger (AE).
    #1VerfasserHillard7 (369669) 15 Dez. 07, 23:01
    anymore (one word) is correct in ths context. Any more (2 words) usually refers to quantity, as in: "do you do have any more of these?" But if you say, for instance, "I don't love you anymore," it becomes one word. However, you could say "I don't love you any more than I love her." But then it's about quantity again.
    #2Verfassersammy16 Dez. 07, 03:25
    Teacher is right.

    "I knew that I couldn't convince him any more than I could fly to the moon" would be correct. See sammy's comments. It depends on context - quantities, but also comparisons.
    #3Verfassersnark16 Dez. 07, 03:55
    In GB sollte "anymore" immer getrennt geschrieben werden. Bei uns ist es ME grundsätzlich falsch, "anymore" zu schreiben, egal was es bedeuten soll.
    #4VerfasserSteve (BE) (337761) 16 Dez. 07, 11:26
    @sammy and snark: are you American English speakers? (My teacher is from the US.)
    @Steve (BE): so you could also say 'I don't love you any more' (in British English)?

    Thank you so far!
    #5Verfassermatze16 Dez. 07, 11:53
    Open to debate: agree with Steve (BE) that in BE this would certainly not be wrong. There is a difference in AE/BE usage - the latter still tends to use two words; the one word variant is missing from e.g. Chambers 21st Century Dictionary and the Oxford Modern but you will see it used.
    see e.g.

    #6VerfasserMarianne (BE) (237471) 16 Dez. 07, 11:53
    'I don't love you any more' ist nicht nur zulässig sondern durchaus empfohlen. Das amerikanische "anymore" halte ich für schlichtweg falsch (wenn es auch unter meinen Mitbürgern einige Schurken gibt, die es trotzdem zusammen schreiben).
    #7VerfasserSteve (BE) (337761) 16 Dez. 07, 12:04
    .... but your American teacher is right, according to American rules.
    #8VerfasserSteve (BE) (337761) 16 Dez. 07, 12:05
    What is the intended meaning?

    Though "anymore" is IMO not standard in BE, where it is used I think it would only be used in the sense
    negative+"any more" = "no longer".

    I don't think it would be used in the sense
    * negative +"any more" = to no greater extent.

    Could "anymore" be used in AE in the sense
    "[I partially convinced him, and I left it at that because] I knew that I couldn't convince him any more."?
    #9VerfasserMikeE (236602) 16 Dez. 07, 12:21
    this sentence just does not make sense to me... what does it mean convince him anymore

    i could never convince him or what? he would not listen any longer?
    #10Verfassernoli16 Dez. 07, 12:23
    Mike, read the second of Marianne's links.
    #11VerfasserSteve (BE) (337761) 16 Dez. 07, 12:24
    p.s.#10 or did he die and i had no chance...
    #12Verfassernoli16 Dez. 07, 12:29
    pps. i suspect it is a peculiar translation - for ich konnte ihn nicht mehr ueberzeugen - i failed to convince him

    i stand to be corrected
    #13Verfassernoli16 Dez. 07, 12:34
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