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Unterschiede von to vote, to elect und to choose?

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ich frage mich, worin der Unterschied zwischen den drei Verben vote, elect, choose liegt. Bei choose ist es eigentlich klar:
I choose the banana.

Aber was ist bei vote und elect?
to elect scheint mir auf Politische Sachen bezogen, dann kann ich aber vote nicht mehr einsortieren.

Was genau bedeutet es denn nun?

AuthorChristian121 Feb 08, 19:46
choose - auswaehlen (hat nichts mit politischen Wahlen zu tun)

vote - waehlen (im Sinne von Stimme abgeben)

elect - waehlen (im Sinne von gewaehlt werden)
#1AuthorIna21 Feb 08, 19:58
to vote for so. = für jemanden stimmen
to elect so. = jemanden wirksam in ein Amt wählen
to choose = eine Auswahl treffen

You can choose between Obama/Clinton and McCain and vote for one of them, but you can not elect them on your own - you will need the support of many many others who vote for him/her.
#2AuthorSophil unplugged21 Feb 08, 20:01
Okay, danke. :)
#3AuthorChristian121 Feb 08, 20:13
Sophil is correct.

But just a footnote: elect is most frequently used in connection with elections, such as political elections (electing a president, etc.), which is the usage that Sophil is describing.

However, elect can also be used in another context, where it simply means make a choice. ("At this point you can elect to continue with the next session, or you can go home.")

Here's the definition from www.m-w.com. (This is the online dictionary that I usually use.)

ELECT (Transitive verb)
1 : to select by vote for an office, position, or membership
2 : to make a selection of 3 : to choose (as a course of action) especially by preference

In the same sense, you can say "to make an election", meaning "to make a choice".
#4Authoreric (new york) (63613) 21 Feb 08, 21:10
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