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    meaning versus

    Hi, I need the meaning of the word 'versus'.
    common knowledge is: two people/teams compete against each other in a game or fight

    are there any other meanings? maybe more in the direction depended on each other.

    I'm going to write a paper with the topic: "Religion vs. Science and Technology in Bram Stoker's DRACULA"
    (but evidence is not for a fight of them, more 'depended on each other')

    Verfasserwusel15 (430309) 04 Apr. 08, 21:59
    #1VerfasserJo_ (425295) 04 Apr. 08, 22:15
    Hi Wusel,

    I wouldn't use "vs." in your context. Although vs. does not necessarily mean a fight/competition between people or teams it implies a sort of dichotomy between two terms. Your topic suggests to the reader that religion and science are somewhat contradictory and exclusively. It wouldn't make for a good start if you had to explain why your heading should not be understood as it is usually understood.

    You could probably try: The interdependence of Religion, Science... etc.

    my 10c
    #2Verfasserguest04 Apr. 08, 22:27
    Perhaps it's "vis-a-vis" that you're thinking of, rather than "versus"?
    #3VerfasserJo_ (425295) 04 Apr. 08, 22:31
    Why not just 'science and religion in...'

    #4Verfassermkh13 (426176) 05 Apr. 08, 00:54
    Morning, thanks for your comments. but I also found in a dictionary the meaning: to compare advantages of two opposing things/ideas
    I'll see, Wusel
    #5Verfasserwusel1505 Apr. 08, 09:41
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