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    einbinden in + Akkusativ


    einbinden in + Akkusativ

    "Sie binden ein Dynpro in einem Subscreen ein und ermitteln die anzuzeigenden Daten prozessspezifisch."

    I thought that you use the accusative with "einbinden", nicht wahr? If so, I don't understand why the above German reads " einem subscreen", rather than "in einen Subscreen" (assuming that Subscreen is masculine). "Dynpro" here is translated as screen. Ein Subscreen ist Teil eines anderen Dynpros.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding the German and it means that "you integrate a screen (that is) in a subscreen..." rather than "you integrate a screen into a subscreen", which makes more sense because a subscreen is part of a screen.

    Anyone got any ideas on this?
    AuthorMichelle26 May 08, 16:40
    Comment einem Subscreen ... is dative and could be translated as "in/within a subscreen." einen Subscreen ... is accusative and could be translated as "into a subscreen."

    "einbinden" can use both dative and accusative, depending on what you want to say
    #1Authordude (253248) 26 May 08, 16:45
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