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Thermalbad Bath

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Hallo und guten Morgen!

War schon mal jemand von euch in dem Thermalbad in Bath? Falls ja, welches würdet ihr empfehlen, das Royal oder das Cross Spa? Möchte mir das evtl. gönnen wenn ich nächste Woche rüberfliege zu meiner Freundin

Hello everybody, i want to ask if there was someone of you at the thermal spa in Bath? If yes, which one would you prefer/suggest - the royal or the cross spa?

Thx in advance
Authorcheerup-girl29 Sep 08, 10:26
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Seems like nobody knows the thermal spa in Bath? Are you sure Bath is the city/location and not just part of the name as in "Thermal Spa & Bath"?
#1AuthorBama Torsten (293280) 30 Sep 08, 19:53
@Bama Thorsten - Bath is the city.

Haven't tried the new spa yet, so can't make any recommendations but you can read for yourself here:
#2AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 30 Sep 08, 22:01
ooops sorry, Bama Torsten without the "h" ...

For what it's worth, just got an email from my goddaughter, who has been to the main part (Royal). She says that the pool on the top of the spa has fabulous views ...
#3AuthorMarianne (BE)01 Oct 08, 00:40
thx Marianne. i just arrived in uk and the arrival to Southampton was awsome! I think i will try the royal one coz its a greater various or choices instead of cross one.

@torsten: have u ever been to uk before? i think not lol
#4Authorcheerup-girl03 Oct 08, 22:40

Careful there, cheerup-girl, we have seen the weirdest posts around here. People asking questions and then we come to find out that they just got it all wrong, misunderstood something completely, etc. So, Bama Torsten's comment was quite warranted in my opinion.

BTW, I used to live in Bristol for a year back in the 90s and we went to Bath quite a few times because it is not that far away. And I also did not know that there is something like a thermal bath/spa in Bath. One of my first thoughts was "maybe she got it all wrong with thermal bath and Bath?"

#5AuthorSusele (USA)03 Oct 08, 23:05
@cheerup-girl: Been there, done that :-P Newyear's Eve in London the last time. Friends of mine live in Northampton. BTW: funny English it is indeed that is being spoken on the island ;-)
#6AuthorBama Torsten (293280) 04 Oct 08, 00:58
There have been thermal baths in Bath since Roman times (Aquae Sulis)... :-)
They were closed for public use sometime in the 1970's for health and safety reasons (Naegleria fowleri, IIRC). Even though you couldn't swim in them, you could still visit the remains of the Roman baths - one of the main tourist attractions of the city! The new modern spa was opened just a couple of years ago.

Enjoy your stay, even if the weather could be better, and let us know what you thought of the Royal.
Greetings from Bath and North East Somerset :-)
#7AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 05 Oct 08, 12:31
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