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  • Betrifft

    wedding ring engraving

    I'd like to engrave:

    being different together forever____love always, Sandra

    I have two questions:

    The first part should have the meaning that we will stay different/special forever because we tend to make nearly everything different compared to other people. I'd like to know from a native speaker whether "being different together" does have this meaning or indicates something different.

    Should there be a comma between together and forever?

    Thanx for your help.

    Verfasserthe bride28 Nov. 08, 10:35
    I can't say it sounds wrong or means something else, but it does sound quite odd to me.

    I might go with "different together forever" without the being. Though I think I would try something with unique, individual instead.

    Celebrating our individualty together forever

    Unique and together forever

    Just as two ideas.

    And when you explain it to people "The first part is supposed to mean that we will stay different/special forever because we tend to do almost everything differently from other people. I'd like to know from a native speaker whether "being different together" means this or indicates something different."
    #1Verfasser Selkie (236097) 28 Nov. 08, 10:45
    Zu lang darf es auch nicht sein, sonst passt es nicht auf den Ring!
    #2Verfasservernünftig28 Nov. 08, 10:47
    Hm - was ist jetzt gemeint:

    a)ihr beide seid anders als der Rest der Welt (gemeinsam anders)
    b)jeder von euch beiden ist und bleibt anders als der andere Partner (zusammen, aber doch individuell)

    Ich hätte dich eher wie a) verstanden, Selkies Antwort verstehe ich eher wie b)
    ...auf jeden Fall scheint es schwierig sein, das (und auch noch kurz) auszudrücken
    #3Verfasser Gutelaune (519354) 28 Nov. 08, 10:52

    #4VerfasserNick A. Lias28 Nov. 08, 10:53
    ...just curious....

    Is at least one of you a native speaker? If not, why not in German?

    To me the different/differences sounds odd no matter how you cut it...
    I prefer Selkie's "unique"
    Each unique - together forever!
    #5Verfasser RES-can (330291) 28 Nov. 08, 16:22
    I think 'unique' would both change the meaning and spoil the sound.

    'Different together forever' sounds okay to me if that's what you want to say. It has a nice rhythm. I agree with Selkie that you don't need 'being.'

    Even that much may be too much; you may have to ask a jeweler if you can fit so many letters and still make them legible.
    #6Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 28 Nov. 08, 16:32
    "Unity of opposites is the central category of dialectics, and it is viewed sometimes as a metaphysical concept, a philosophical concept or a scientific concept. It defines a situation in which the existence or identity of a thing (or situation) depends on the co-existence of at least two conditions which are opposite to each other, yet dependent on each other and presupposing each other, within a field of tension."

    "i] Coincidentia oppositorum
    Coincidentia oppositorum is a Latin phrase meaning coincidence of opposites.
    The term is also used in describing a revelation of the oneness of things previously believed to be different. Such insight into the unity of things is a kind of transcendence, and is found in various mystical traditions."

    Two possible engravings.

    #7Verfasser Reinhard W. (237443) 28 Nov. 08, 17:31
    #8Verfasser Reinhard W. (237443) 28 Nov. 08, 17:33
    its not that we are opposites uniting but we tend to be different together, as i said, and i was hoping that my phrasing would have this meaning but unfortunately its confusing...

    so i'll have to rethink it.
    the number of letters is okay for engraving, i already rechecked...

    thanx again, more ideas very welcome.
    #9Verfasserthe bride28 Nov. 08, 17:42
    @ the bride: How about:

    'Remaining individuals while (being) married - Love, Sandra' ? . . .
    #10VerfasserDaddy28 Nov. 08, 18:24
    one flesh, two minds
    #11Verfasser escoville (237761) 28 Nov. 08, 18:34
    bride, I am a bit confused. Do you want to stress that
    a) you and your groom are doing different things
    or b) the two of you together are doing things differnent from other couples? (That's what I think you are trying to stress.)
    #12VerfasserEmily28 Nov. 08, 18:44
    b) is what I understood, and again, I think 'Different together' expresses that: different from other people (in a good way), but together (against all those other people who are like each other). An 'us against the world' kind of thing, but more positive.

    Well, it made sense to me. Maybe that's because I'm different too. (-;
    #13Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 28 Nov. 08, 18:55
    And besides, if the two of you understand it, it doesn't have to mean anything to the rest of us. (-:
    #14Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 28 Nov. 08, 18:56
    Erinnert mich stark an den Spruch: "Wir wollen nicht zusammenwachsen sondern zusammen wachsen."
    #15Verfasser Lady Grey (235863) 29 Nov. 08, 18:14
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