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    toward - towards

    Wo liegt eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen den beiden Formen? Besteht überhaupt einer?
    VerfasserALBI04 Dez. 08, 17:07
    Hey man,
    look at this http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/between-...
    Toward is most commonly used in the US, towards in the UK. Just a matter of the region the people you are addressing live in...
    #1VerfasserSean04 Dez. 08, 17:33
    Thanks, that's understandable. But do I really ALWAYS have to use "toward" without S in AE?
    E.g. would I really say "attitude toward" in U.S? In school I've learned that it is "attitude towardS" and that there is no exception?
    #2VerfasserALBI04 Dez. 08, 18:53
    Hi,as I said "toward" is most commonly used in the US. That doesn't exclude the use of "towards" in America altogether. As far as I know both words are interchangeable. However, it would be good hear someone else's opinion.
    #3VerfasserSean04 Dez. 08, 19:03
    It's me once again. I've just done some research on that matter and found this:

    BTW: May I ask you where you went to school?
    #4VerfasserSean04 Dez. 08, 19:26
    OK, thanks. No I understand.

    I still go to school (I'm 14 years old) , a german "Gymnasium", however you call it in English. We actually learn British English but normally the variations to American English are metioned, too.
    #5VerfasserALBI04 Dez. 08, 19:54
    What are those links, Sean? Btw this is the first time that I notice "toward" WITHOUT an s.
    #6Verfasser curiousbynature (1104062) 25 Jul. 16, 15:41
    FWIW, I use both toward and towards--though I cannot say why or when I add the "s." It seems simply to depend on the particular sentence--and I really don't think about it. You can use either (in AE).
    #7VerfasserHappyWarrior (964133) 25 Jul. 16, 15:54
    Major AE dictionaries (M-W and AHD) have show the primary listing as "toward" but include "towards" as a variant of it (while not specifying either as AE or BE).
    On the BE side of things, Collins and Oxford show the primary listing as "towards" but include "toward" as a variant of it (again, while not specifying BE or AE).
    I'd interpret that to mean that AE uses "toward" somewhat more frequently, as does BE use "towards" -- but both forms are acceptable in both forms of English.

    Of course, ALBI has likely finished Gymnasium by now.
    #8Verfasser hbberlin (420040) 25 Jul. 16, 17:18
    And is looking forward toward(s) an enjoyable career.
    #9Verfassermikefm (760309) 25 Jul. 16, 17:39
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