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I was just wondering whether or not this was a forum in which one could ask for an explanation of a specific word even if one did not know the actual name for it.
for example: what one would call people that offer customers a sample of a new perfume/cologne in a duty free shop.
Authorn00B05 Aug 04, 15:29
Go ahead, you're welcome!
#1AuthorUho <de>05 Aug 04, 15:39
What do you call people that constantly try and put you down, or that ignore you in an obvious way. is there a name for such people?
#2Authorn00B05 Aug 04, 15:44
Ein spezielles Wort dafür fällt mir nicht ein, aber so jemandem würde man wohl als "Arschloch" bezeichnen.

Wenn es am Arbeitsplatz geschieht und er dies gezielt tut, um etwas zu erreichen, dann ggf. auch "Mobber".
#3AuthorUho <de>05 Aug 04, 16:09
Wenn er es nicht gezielt tut, sondern einfach weil es seine Art ist, dann passt "arrogantes Arschloch". Das ist auch üblich und passt hier vermutlich noch besser.
#4AuthorUho <de>05 Aug 04, 16:11
can it be a legal offence? could this senario end in a court case or be grounds for firing a person?
i.e sewing someone on the grounds of being a "Mobber" or "an arrogant asshole"
#5Authorn00b05 Aug 04, 16:16
<<what one would call people that offer customers a sample of a new perfume/cologne in a duty free shop>>

I'm not sure of the subtle distinctions, but I think I would say "demonstrator" in English and "Propagandist(in) in German.
#6AuthorMike E.05 Aug 04, 16:23
No legal offence AFAIK, unless you insult or even physically hurt the victim. But a mobber can be fired of course, and then you may end up at the Arbeitsgericht.
#7AuthorUho &lt;de&gt;05 Aug 04, 16:27
mobbing itself is not accusable, because mobbing in a narrow sense is usually a subconscious conflict resulting from psychological/biographical differences between the mobber and the mobbee. However, not seldom, there may me a conscious strategic intention behind, which is only camouflaged as mobbing. This I would not call mobbing but an intrigue. Most intrigues involve a complex of actions some of which are legal offenses, in order to make the intrigue to become successful. Again, not the intrigue per se is accusable, but some of its elements, which do not necessarily have to be an injury of some kind, (e.g. opening letters may be part of an intrigue).
#8Authorhv05 Aug 04, 17:33
@hv: In einem anderen Thread wurde schon einmal festgestellt, daß "Mobbing" auf Englisch nicht "mobbing" heißt!
#9Authorvh05 Aug 04, 17:43
@ vh

I knew that, but used it anyway, because I forgot what the correct equivalent was and because anyway it achieved a very specific meaning in German. As far as I know mobbing is Swedish, not English.
#10Authorhv05 Aug 04, 17:48
mob (GE) <--> bully (EN)

#11AuthorT-hiur AuXX05 Aug 04, 21:00
To "constantly puts You down":

Mostly (in my opinion, I have to say now) it's the famous
"Falscher Hund", because this one is often friendly to You
and totally "falsch", that is lying and "petzend" von "hinten rum". a real form of bullying!

Also in Short: Der ist falsch!
#12Authoravd.joe06 Aug 04, 08:46
I see now, in LEO:

double-crosser = falscher Hund

BTW: So, to be used to the "Beware of the Enter-key", still not so easy!
#13Authoravd.joe06 Aug 04, 08:54
what one would call people that offer customers a sample of a new perfume/cologne in a duty free shop.

sales promoter (in german also promoter or verkaufsförderer)
#14AuthorSintra06 Aug 04, 10:54
In German: Propagandist(in)
#15AuthorWerner06 Aug 04, 11:01
Propagandist ? nie gehört und nie benutzt - aber lasse mich gerne belehren...

Anstatt Arschloch oder Mobbing ... was ist mit dem Begriff "Belästigung" ? Das wäre dann was offizielles ...
#16AuthorKaro06 Aug 04, 12:15
Propagandist hab' auch ich noch nie gehört. Ich würde sagen: Parfumvertreter
#17AuthorHanspeter06 Aug 04, 13:49
falscher Hund gesteigert heißt
falsche Sau
#18Authorad.joe09 Aug 04, 09:02
Hanspeter+ Karo: Propagandist ist der Oberbegriff für alle die, die z.B. in Warenhäusern an separaten Ständen etwas anpreisen, von der Dosensuppe bis zum volldigitalen Nähzeug. Es ist Euch unbenommen, im Einzelfall Dosensuppenvertreter oder Parfümvertreter zu sagen,
#19AuthorWerner09 Aug 04, 09:10
#20AuthorMike E.09 Aug 04, 10:17
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