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I am likely to choose

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Kann man das so sagen?/ Ist diese Phrase korrekt?

Im Kontext:

The second text is very hard to understand. So i am likely to choose the first one.
AuthorGast16 Mar 09, 21:11
Generally speaking yes, but not in this context. I wouldn't. If the second is hard to understand, I imagine you're going to choose the first one. That would be more than a likelihood in my estimation.
#1Authordude (253248) 16 Mar 09, 21:31
It doesn't sound quite right to me.

This may be because "likely" suggests a probability over which one has no control, e.g. "The market is likely to recover". You could say "The second text is very hard to understand. So I will probably choose the first one."

If you mean that you are tending in the direction of a particular choice, you could say something like "The second text is very hard to understand. So I am inclined to choose the first one." .
#2AuthorMikeE (236602) 17 Mar 09, 07:43
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