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phrases including "say"

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LEO lists "That is to say" and "it is safe to say" as typical phrases. In texts by non-native speakers you can often find "it is to say" (es ist zu sagen/erwähnen), but there are not many examples from texts by native speakers. So I'm inclined to believe that this is not generally accepted.

How do native speakers see this?

Thank you very much in advance.
AuthorThe unwoken fool25 Apr 09, 14:04
"That is to say" is correct. "It is to say" is not idiomatic English, but probably rather a literal translation from German.
#1AuthorMary nz/a (431018) 25 Apr 09, 14:06
It must be said that "it is to say" is not idiomatic English.
It's safe to say, though, that "that is to say" is indeed in common use.
#2AuthorVillager (GB) (575909) 26 Apr 09, 01:51
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