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  • Betrifft

    is there a rule?

    Bonobos are very easy to recognise with their long, black hair parted in the middle of their heads/of the head.

    Would I have to use "Bonobos...of their heads." or simply "Bonobos...of the head."

    I've seen both variations for several times still...
    I just want to know whether there's a rule or what a native speaker would prefer, if at all.

    Thank you.
    VerfasserBK04 Jan. 05, 13:29
    from the comprehensibility of the sentence, it makes no difference.
    But, since you have started with 'their long black hair' it makes more sense to end with 'their heads'
    If you want to avoid this sort of pitfall, you'll have to re-phrase.
    Something on the lines of:
    "A distinctive feature of the bonobo is the long black hair on the head (or perhaps: head-hair), parted in the middle".
    #1Verfasserodondon irl04 Jan. 05, 13:34
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