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    as well as

    Can somebody tell me how to correctly punctuate this sentence:

    Data in the alarm and message system, the trend system, the compressor system, as well as current values of Runtime System process variables, can be opened easily and displayed on every workstation in the intranet using this XML technology.

    I always get confused by the "as well as" construction -- if it needs commas to set it off or what. Does somebody have a handy rule for this?
    Verfassertrocco (AE)11 Feb. 05, 12:19
    I don't want to overload everyone, but here's another example:

    This list is put together from the style sheet files installed by default when the system is installed, as well as those located in the user and application-specific directories.

    Is the comma before "as well as" correct in this case, or should it be omitted.

    It's always the small things...
    #1Verfassertrocco (AE)11 Feb. 05, 12:36
    imo, the sentence is perfect as is.

    as well as requires no commas.

    the ball is green as well as red.

    is the same as:
    the ball is green and red.

    as well as is used instead of 'and' when part (usually the last part) of a list consists of a phrase instead of a single word.


    Germans, Italians, French, and Russians, as well as those not having any nationality at all, require a visa for Ireland.
    #2Verfasserodondon irl11 Feb. 05, 12:37
    the comma in front of as well as in your second example is necessary.

    normally the term in itself *requires* no commas, but where it is used in a sentence can determine that commas are necessary.
    #3Verfasserodondon irl11 Feb. 05, 12:39
    cheers for the help!
    #4Verfassertrocco (AE)11 Feb. 05, 13:15
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